"Waitstaff Increasingly Troubled By Rude Customers." Restaurateur Sparks Debate.

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Vince Stuart, owner of a Michigan restaurant, claims that customers are becoming more rude and disrespectful, often taking it out on the service staff.

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Vince Stuart, owner of Uptown Grill in Bay City, through a Facebook post, revealed that the restaurant has unfortunately observed disrespectful behavior from customers towards the waitstaff in recent weeks - a concern not limited to the dining staff alone. Stuart expresses worry and disappointment at the unkind attitudes his staff faces, stating that "they should not come to work wondering if they will end their shift in tears and frustration," he wrote. "It's not fair to ever feel this way to fulfill one's duties."

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Vince Stuart- Photo from Facebook

As reported by Business Insider, Stuart also added that anyone disrespecting his staff will be asked to leave the establishment. "I understand that the customer comes first, but if my staff is treated with so little regard, it is my responsibility to step in" Apparently, this is a widespread issue in other customer service roles, a problem that heightened after the pandemic with the initial reopenings, where guests exhibited impatience in adhering to imposed norms.

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However, even though some of the discomforts of the Covid era, such as forced distancing and mask usage, have practically vanished, customer dissatisfaction seems to persist. Stuart told local broadcaster WNEM that during a shift, one of his collaborators "started crying because someone was extremely rude to her." "Maybe she made a mistake, or maybe she didn't, but she still has the right to be treated like a human being." Stuart also mentioned in his Facebook post that the restaurant will no longer provide refunds for takeout orders or for customers dissatisfied with their meals.

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Vince Stuart- Foto da Facebook

"Keep your heads held high, and thank you for standing by my side," he told his staff in the post. Stuart's public message on Facebook has stirred considerable attention but also garnered much support and solidarity, with comments praising the service of his staff. "My family and I had a fantastic experience at your restaurants," said one customer. "I often dine alone, and when I have a tough day, your smiles as soon as I enter the place lift my spirits," wrote another.

uptown grill piatto
A dish from Uptown Grill- Photo from Facebook

The restaurant, which serves sandwiches, pancakes, and omelettes, has an average rating of 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor, ranking as the fifth-best place in Bay City. Stuart mentioned being the owner of three establishments with a total of 39 employees. Business Insider reached out to Stuart for further comments but received no response.

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