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Chef Christian Lohse: From Star Chef to Cooking in His Living Room – "Customers Happier Here"

Francesca Feresin
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From now on, no more restaurants: exclusive high-cuisine dinners take center stage at the award-winning chef Christian Lohse's home, entertainment included. From gourmet to living room, the new format that surprises.

Cover photo: © VOX, Frank Hempel

The story

Award-winning chef Christian Lohse has worked in high-end kitchens since the beginning of his career. He trained in France and since 1989 found a place in the three-Michelin-starred kitchen of Chef Guy Savoy in Paris, also working alongside Charles Barrier in Tours and at The Dorchester Hotel in London. In 1994, the turning point: he finally opens the restaurant Die Windmühle in his hometown of Bad Oeynhausen, quickly earning two Michelin stars. Then, until 2017, he manages the Michelin-starred Christian Lohse's Restaurant Fischers Fritz in Regent Berlin at Gendarmenmarkt.

Lohse Christian Sternekoch FISCHERSFRITZ Berlin 2 Michelin Sterne2x

In recent years, the top chef has been involved in TV, consultancy activities, and the production of high-quality sauces, especially after the pandemic. The change we write about was already in the air, and here comes the interesting part: today, Lohse and his partner Ulrike live in Falkensee (near Berlin) in a cozy house with an open kitchen and terrace, ready to accommodate a large number of guests, as Rolling Pin reports. Rather than continuing with traditional catering, they recently started a tailor-made service, inviting people to dinner within their walls, similar to the home restaurant concept. Not surprisingly, the project is named "Lohse's Salon."

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Excerpts from the menu can be found on the website, including Starstart (5 courses, €200), Prestige (5 courses, €300), Exclusive (6 courses, €400), and Vegetarian (5 courses, €200), with the possibility of variations. Groups of four to ten people can dine at the famous chef's home, with private shuttle included upon request. Lohse's residence is located in an idyllic area outside the metropolis of Berlin but still easily accessible.

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So, what is served? Lohse pays particular attention to the quality of the product. He sources most of the ingredients locally, and they are all strictly organic. His love for France also leads him to maintain good contacts with the best producers across the border. In addition, guests can expect an excellent selection of wines but can also bring their own. The hosts ensure a unique experience where nothing should be missing: from silverware to dog-sitting, live music, or other types of entertainment, Lohse offers his diners everything they desire. Rare wine tasting? Cigar service? No problem, everything is possible.

ChristianLohse piatto

When asked why he chose this new project, giving up the glory of awards, Lohse replies: "The idea of work-life balance is great, but right now, everyone wants too much balance: qualified personnel are lacking in gourmet restaurants, and there’s a shortage of guests too. I believe that fine dining restaurant customers have very high demands that are often not met. For instance, sometimes you pay 80 euros, and they give you 'warm' Champagne: it happens. Some restaurateurs have lost the sense of hospitality, others suffocate people with too many explanations about food and drinks."

christian lohse

Furthermore, the chef mentions other points that leave him puzzled about the current gastronomic scene, and above all, he emphasizes how he wants to rest and simply do what he wants. By inviting people home and cooking like a star.

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