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Orobianco Achieves Michelin Star in 10 Months: Italian Chef Andrea Drago Charms Spain

Alessandra Meldolesi
copertina andrea drago

Andrea Drago's star shines in Spain, a chef born in Como who brought success to Orobianco in Calpe, Costa Brava, immersing the fundamentals of Italian cuisine in the crucible of the Mediterranean.

The chef

He stands out against the windows, the Peñon de Ifach, an imposing limestone monolith overlooking the sea that names a park in the province of Alicante: a fairytale scenario that extends into dishes with the composite charm of the Mediterranean. Here, the cuisine sets sail from the Costa Brava towards Italy, a pan-Mediterranean signature that bewitched Michelin inspectors and brought Orobianco its first, rapidly earned star.


At the helm is Andrea Drago, born in 1989 in Como, and trained in gastronomy here, as reported by spainlifeexclusive.com. After initial experiences, including a significant internship with Enrico Crippa, then holding zero stars, which infected him with the fine dining bug, in 2013, he was already on Iberian soil at Martin Berasategui's Lasarte. In Barcelona, he was supposed to stay for a maximum of two years, but he didn't move for eight years. Until 2022, when he briefly returned to Italy and then set off again, becoming the chef of Orobianco from January 2023.

andrea drago

Today, his style is well-defined: he describes it as high Mediterranean cuisine with Italian influences, marked by the use of Spanish techniques. The influence of Paolo Casagrande, a compatriot stationed at Lasarte, is felt, but passages in Japan and Scandinavia are also appreciated.

andrea drago e paolo casagrande

While he remains at the center: the product of the Costa Brava, such as cuttlefish tartare with almonds, bacon, and marinated yolk. Drago still emphasizes his fondness for first courses, including the signature spaghetti with pil-pil of marrow and caviar, and fusilli with grapefruit, smoked scallop, and Franciacorta air.

orobianco piatto2
orobianco piatto

If the fish is local, like the meats, some vegetables and preserves, pasta, rice, and a good portion of the cellar come from Italy, obviously rich in Spanish labels. "From the Mediterranean, I especially love the products that we are fortunate to find there. The creation of the dishes revolves around them, so they can shine." Regarding his future plans, Andrea does not foresee any changes: in the coming years, he wants to stay there, at Orobianco, alongside his team, which constantly strives to motivate and include in creative processes.


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