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New Year's Eve 2024: Michelin-Starred Chefs' Menus and Prices, From the Most Expensive to the Most Popular.

Alessandra Meldolesi
copertina cenoni chef

The countdown to 2024 has begun: here are the menus and prices of renowned chefs for New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve Dinners 2024: offering from top chefs and luxury hotels

Some have been sold out for weeks, for example, Da Vittorio, the friendliest of the three-star establishments, with a ticket starting at just €300, and Villa Crespi; others are even closing their doors, such as Perbellini at 12 Apostoli and Enrico Crippa, who will reopen on January 23. But preparations are underway almost everywhere for an unforgettable evening, often divided into two acts to toast together to 2024.

chicco bobo cerea

The Alajmo brothers offer various formulas in their establishments: take-out options from InGredienti; tastings ranging from €170 at Cementine, €500 at Alajmo Cortina, €170 at Calandrino, €220 at Amo, a surprise for €450 at Calandre, up to €650 at Quadri (€280 at Quadrino). All are available for pre-sale on

max alajmo
max alajmo 3

The Cerea establishments have been sold out since December 5. What have you missed at Da Vittorio for only €300, "wines and suggested beverages included"? Savor smoked salmon, foie gras torcione, amberjack tataki, red mullet candies, Italian-style Fassona ramen, carbonara plin ravioli, beef brisket, spiced bread, panettone, nougat and cannoncini live; at midnight, paccheri alla Vittorio, snout with lentils, and Margherita pizza for a challenging second round.

cenone capodanno da vittorio
da vittorio paccheri chicco cerea

Enoteca Pinchiorri remains faithful to its culinary philosophy on this occasion, simply adding to the Espressione menu essential ingredients such as lentils, eel with cotechino, and the option to enhance it with a white truffle veil. The price is €590 per person, excluding beverages.

enoteca pinchiorri 3
enoteca pinchiorri sala

Villa Crespi's New Year's Eve menu features oysters with caviar, Sicilian scampi, turnip celery and passion fruit, linguine with baby squid, herring-smoked rice, beetroot sea bass, beef head and a surprise dessert. It costs €450 excluding beverages, but it is already sold out.

antonino cannavacciuolo 2023 12 14 02 18 11

At the new two-star La Rei Michelangelo Mammoliti has prepared an 8-course menu for New Year's Eve, celebrating the successes of 2023. He describes it as "sophisticated yet comfortable," revisiting his childhood memories through the lens of neurogastronomy, studied with psychotherapist Francesca Collevasone to convey the same emotions to guests.

michelangelo mammoliti 5
michelangelo mammoliti Perla

Thus, steamed pumpkin scallops with watercress and cinnamon infusion, duck ravioli with juniper zabaglione, Milanese-style turbot, cooked in ossobuco oil and served with saffron and marrow sauce, guinea fowl breast with black truffle and melilot sauce, harvested by the chef in the mountains, desserts "Essential to be happy," inspired by bread and chocolate, and Ph3, based on 5 citrus fruits. The price is €350, plus an additional €200 for possible pairings.

rei natura

Vito Mollica has planned two events for New Year's Eve: a dinner with entertainment and a dancing after-party at Salotto Bistrot, and a gourmet dinner with a dancing after-party at Atto. The cost is €250 and €400, respectively, excluding beverages. Among the star-studded courses are scallops with caviar and green apple, lobster medallion and hake, pheasant cannelloni, John Dory with Jerusalem artichoke and razor clams, wagyu fillet with foie gras and truffle, citrus meringue; at midnight, cotechino, lentils, and grapes. The optional pairing costs €250.

atto vito mollica 2
atto vito mollica

At Balzi Rossi, Enrico Marmo focuses on the sea, combining it with vegetables, legumes, and wild herbs. It starts with caviar on rusks and chestnut cream; then scallops, sea urchins, and guinea fowl; it ends with the five-spice dessert. It costs €220, including the initial glass of Dom Pérignon.

balzi rossi

In Rome, while La Pergola is closed for renovations until spring 2024, the Imago restaurant at the Hassler hotel stands out: waiting for midnight at its tables can cost almost €4000, of which €1400 is for the cuisine, rising to €2000 or €3900 with pairing. Chef Andrea Antonini is ready to serve the signature dishes he has perfected in the last 4 years: beetroot, sour cream and caviar; scampi with green pepper; Fassona beef tartare, hazelnuts, and white truffle; smoked sea urchin and pecorino spaghetti; white truffle plin; lamb, honey, and potatoes, with Bernese sauce and white truffle; lentils with cotechino; citrus, saffron, and pollen. For pairing, a glass of Champagne per course or the super bottle pairing, made of rare wine treasures and unique pieces, at a price of €2500. Non-drinkers can opt for the alcohol-free juice pairing, consisting of juices and kombucha.

imago 2023 12 14 02 27 26

Sara Scarsella and Matteo Compagnucci at Sintesi in Ariccia ask for €190 (excluding beverages and any pairings by sommelier Loris Paolini) for their New Year's Eve journey, including welcome snacks and small pastries. Marinated shrimp with horseradish, cornelian cherries, raw nuts, cauliflower cream, and lake caviar are followed by large oysters with oyster and acid butter, black truffle risotto and pickled chanterelles, grilled amberjack with smoked potato and champignon mushroom sauce, pigeon in two services with coffee kombucha glaze, pumpkin and ginger, toasted wheat, chamomile, and pomegranate; then, at midnight, traditional lentils with a glass of Champagne to toast.

Sintesi ph Andrea Di Lorenzo
@Andrea Di Lorenzo
Sintesi 2 ph Andrea Di Lorenzo
@Andrea di Lorenzo

But even hotels don't sleep: preparations are underway at the Eden in Rome, decorated by Brunello Cucinelli's signature. After the New Year's Eve dinner, served for the first time in the exclusive Bellavista penthouse suite with musical entertainment, the New Year's Day brunch is noteworthy, featuring filled croissants, bread and "panelle," battered cod, tiramisù, and Sicilian cannoli. The dinner at the Terrace costs €900, and the brunch costs €130.

eden rome
eden rome2

Regarding the Bulgari establishments, Niko Romito has planned some shared dishes, but each property will have its variations. In Milan, for example, there will be Oysters and Champagne, Potato tartlet with lemon-scented shrimp tartare, Fried egg and oscietra caviar, Castelmagno cheese and Alba white truffle croquette; at the table, Royal crab, oscietra caviar, and potatoes, Lobster soup with oscietra caviar, Pumpkin and amaretti-filled ravioli, Parmesan and Alba white truffle, Beef fillet with mushroom gel and Alba white truffle, Lemon sfusato di Amalfi sorbet, and Milk chocolate and Alba white truffle tart. In Rome, the tasting with pairings will cost €480 and will be followed by the New Year's Day brunch at €150.

Niko romito bulgar

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