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La Scialuppa in Fregene: Gourmet Dining with Your Feet in the Sand on the Roman Coastline

Andrea Febo
Copertina ristorante La Scialuppa da Salvatore

On the northern coast of the Capital, in Fregene, a safe haven to enjoy gourmet dishes of fresh seafood with your feet in the sand: let's discover the cuisine of Chef Fabio Di Vilio.

Rome has never been a city known for its maritime culture; traditionally, it had few seafood recipes, and in its history, the arrival of Sardinians brought flavors of fish and shellfish cuisine. To enjoy an iodized meal beyond compromise, one must venture to the coastal neighboring town, a suburban province haven that has always been a guarantee not only for seafood but also for agriculture. From south to north, we're talking about places like Anzio, Nettuno, Fiumicino, and even Fregene, where we paused to dine with our feet in the sand.

1 Sala la scialuppa del salvatore open copia

On the northern coastline of the capital, Fregene emerged as a fishing village that found its settlement in the coastal vegetation. With the simple beauty of its white houses, it transformed into a vacation destination for the affluent of Rome. Its tranquility and distance from the bustling promenades of other places have turned Fregene into an exclusive oasis for fine dining.

2 la scialuppa del salvatore esterno copia

While some things have changed over time, the rural luxury of kicking off your shoes and sitting at a comfortable table, enjoying a constant breeze while pleasing your palate, still remains. This is the case with La Scialuppa da Salvatore, a historic establishment in the Fishermen's Village that, in recent years, has shifted its culinary approach towards quality and sophistication.

Rome, dining by the sea, meeting expectations

When you head to the seaside, you inevitably seek that perfect spot that aligns with your imagination. In essence, it's about meeting expectations without disappointment. Open-air setting, sea breeze, sunglasses, and sandy toes while sipping a fine glass and savoring a delectable dish with an unmistakable aroma.

3 la scialuppa del salvatore brigata copia

Well, if this is what you're looking for, you're in the right narrative at the right place. A beachfront establishment that intentionally avoids the orderly rows of umbrellas, letting the horizon breathe freely, offering numerous tables spread across the veranda, outdoors, and the beach. Spacious, well-spaced, all shaded, the tables are elegantly set, and the seating is comfortable, allowing time to stretch. The young, smiling service staff adds undeniable value to the experience. From Filippo to Maria and all the others, you feel attentively served with just the right touch of informality, creating the comfort needed for a seaside meal.

Fabio Di Vilio, a whole new Scialuppa

4 fabio di vilio copia

Imagine an aerospace engineer who falls in love with both a woman and the sea to such an extent that they become his passionate life companions. This led Fabio Di Vilio to first step into La Scialuppa and later into its kitchen. With meticulous dedication, he studied and researched, leading to a culinary revolution in his approach to ingredients, served dishes, and the overall experience. An evolution that, despite serving the same number of covers, represented a significant path of self-awareness for Chef Di Vilio. Smoking, fermenting, preserving, and, most importantly, utilizing daily catches without waste, along with cultivating fresh vegetables on his Maccarese lands. Occasionally, there's a touch of game in the mix.

5 fabio di vilio la scialuppa del salvatore copia

Among the appetizers, the raw and boneless options stand out. Delights range from the Rosetta with octopus 'nduja, stracciatella, and caramelized onions to the creamy shrimp supplì or the Sea Sausage and scamorza.

9 Fabio di Vilio Rosetta nduja di polpo copia

In the hot dishes, the Luciana-style Moscardini (baby octopus) proved tempting, but I ultimately got lost in the chef's visions and opted for the fermented asparagus and artichokes served with coconut bagna cauda, chlorophyll, and vegetable essence. An enveloping dish with a multitude of subtly intense angles, offering a lasting aromatic persistence.

10 Fabio di Vilio Asparagi e carciofi fermentatibagna cauda al coccoclorofilla e fondo vegetale copia

The Shrimp with spicy sauce, fried head, umeboshi plums, carrots, and sea fennel is a great way to highlight the freshness of the main ingredient. Served raw, it contributes sweetness and freshness that complements any accompanying element.

11 Fabio di Vilio Gambero salsa piccante umeboshi di prugne carote e finocchietto di mare copia

Lastly, among the first courses, I chose the aesthetically pleasing Tuna Tacos with sour cream and vegetable scapece, which concluded the original sequence of flavors that define the chef's identity.

12 Fabio di Vilio Tacos di tonno con panna acida e scapece di verdure copia

If you're a fan of classic dishes, you might opt for the local lupini bean Spaghetti. However, to enhance the experience, I ordered a Sicilian Broccoli Risotto with lime kosho and ombrina ham. A truly intense and satisfying dish that balances technique and bold flavor construction, softening strong acidic and savory notes with the lingering sweetness of broccoli.

13 Fabio di Vilio Risotto con broccolo lime kosho e prosciutto di ombrina copia

For the main courses, I had little doubt, and although the national-style fry-up will forever remain an icon of Italian seaside lunches, I was fortunate to indulge in two intensely flavored courses: Palombo alla mugnaia with fermented artichoke and lemon curd, followed by seppia Wellington. The interplay of acidic notes harmonizes with the control over the vegetable components, subtly enhanced by sweet undertones from bread crusts and flour styles. The Palombo remains moist and flavorful, maintaining its identity, while the seppia (cuttlefish) presents a delightful combination of textures and flavors, where the sea gracefully gives way to delicate ciauscolo (sausage) and a mushroom base that, though gentle, steals the spotlight from the maritime elements.

14 Fabio di Vilio Seppia alla Wellington copia

To conclude, I was pleasantly surprised by a delicious tartlet with pineapple, salted caramel, and rosemary cream. It's rich on the palate, balancing the freshness of pineapple with a suitably crispy crust. Its satisfying resolution owes its cleanliness to the aromatic palate, leaving a touch of rosemary.

15 Fabio di Vilio Tartelletta ananas caramello salato e rosmarino copia

In 2023, Fabio Di Vilio's journey reaches an important maturity that exudes creativity. The chef continually challenges himself, with his creativity resembling a restlessness that can only be tamed by cooking and crafting dishes that, while including classics, carry his distinct signature.

16 fabio di vilio chef copia

There's a significant amount of research in composing each course, along with an increasing mastery of technique to achieve elevated aesthetics. Dining at La Scialuppa simplifies a sophisticated experience. By the sea, well-served by attentive and cheerful staff, comfortably seated facing the sea while enjoying fine cuisine—a true luxury in Rome.

La Scialuppa da Salvatore Restaurant 

Via Silvi Marina, 69 - 00054 Fregene (RM)

Tel. 06 6656 0002


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