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Fenomeno De-ja: Two 20 Year-Olds Receive MICHELIN Star and a Green Star in One Fell Swoop

Alessandra Meldolesi
copertina deja nuova stella francese stella verde

Make way for young people, and not just in Italy: The Michelin guide awards a pair of 20-year-olds twice, with red and green stars, just five years after their debut as commis. They are two Alsatians, Jeanne Satori and David Degoursy.

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The fact that the Michelin Guide keeps a particular eye on the young is no mystery to anyone. The story of Jeanne Satori and David Degoursy, however, is one for the Guinness Book of Records. She, at 24 years old and he at 26, took the stage twice a few days ago in Strasbourg at the presentation of the latest French guide. Taking home as many coveted awards: in addition to the classic red star, also the green star for sustainability.

@Jean-Marc LOOS

"People younger than us have already been honored," they screen themselves with sincere modesty. They certainly didn't expect it either, despite their burning passion. So much so that the restaurant's sign, "De-Ja," in addition to representing the acronym of their names, now sounds like a resounding anticipation. Two Michelin stars already? Although it seems it initially alluded to their respective parents' surprise that they were launching into the profession on their own. Déjà.


There are just sixteen seats, recipients of surprise menus. So much so that the menu laconically reads, "appetizer/creation of the moment/meat or fish/dessert." "We don't pre-announce our dishes because they can change from day to day and, of course, according to the season," justifying themselves. "We work with local products and with people we know who respect the environment," whether they are farmers in biodynamics, ranchers, or fish farmers in the vicinity. The only exceptions are salt, pepper, sugar, and coffee. "Ours is a cuisine of the moment, precise and minimalist. We try to portray the emotions of the season."

 Gnocchi stuffed with pike

And to think that the two, who met at the counters of the Bischwiller hotel school, entered the profession less than five years ago as commis and then chef de partie of an Alsatian restaurant, l'Auberge au Boeuf, where they had eaten and then proposed. Paradoxically, it was the pandemic closure that accelerated their plans, prompting them to reflect on their own restaurant concept and put the pieces together. The opening, aided by participatory funding and some help, took place in October 2021. Then fortune rewarded daring De-Ja.


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