Rocco De Santis

Salerno - Campania

Rocco De Santis

Rocco De Santis, chef at the Santa Elisabetta restaurant in Florence, has reached the pinnacle of gourmet cuisine by blending Campanian tradition with modern culinary techniques. Under his leadership, the restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars, making it a benchmark in the Italian gastronomic scene.


Rocco De Santis was born in 1979 in Salerno, in a family from Southern Italy deeply connected to gastronomic traditions. From a young age, he observed his mother in the kitchen, developing a passion for cooking that led him to train with internationally renowned chefs. The most significant experiences of his career include collaborations with Gennaro Esposito at Torre del Saracino, Georges Blanc in France, and at Domaine de Châteauvieux in Switzerland, where he honed his skills in preparing meats and game.

In 2017, De Santis became the Executive Chef of Santa Elisabetta restaurant at the Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence. Here, he developed a unique concept, and the restaurant earned its first Michelin star in 2019 and a second in 2020. His cuisine is distinguished by the use of seasonal and local ingredients, such as fresh fish from San Vincenzo and mullet from Livorno. Among the iconic dishes is the "Mullet in bread crust," a recipe that recalls his Campanian roots with a creative twist.

De Santis is known for his ability to blend memory and innovation, using modern techniques to enhance traditional flavors. His culinary philosophy is based on a deep respect for the knowledge and quality of ingredients, creating dishes that tell a story and evoke emotions.

In addition to his work at Santa Elisabetta, he is committed to training young chefs, always promoting a healthy and educational work environment. His vision is to continue innovating and elevating Italian cuisine while maintaining a strong connection to his Campanian origins.


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