Pier Daniele Seu

Roma - Lazio

Pier Daniele Seu

Discover the story of Pier Daniele Seu, an innovator in the creative ferment of Rome, known for his ability to elevate pizza to a true gastronomic creation through his establishment, Seu Pizza Illuminati.


Born in Rome in 1987 to an Italo-Sardinian family, Pier Daniele Seu inherited a passion for cooking and particularly for pizza. Self-taught, he began his career in the restaurant world after turning twenty, evolving from a simple curiosity about doughs to transforming it into a true culinary art. His training developed through specialized courses and under the guidance of master pizzaioli like Stefano Callegari and Gabriele Bonci.

Seu's success was then sealed with the opening of Seu Pizza Illuminati in March 2018, in the Porta Portese neighborhood of the vibrant Trastevere area. This venue quickly became a landmark for pizza lovers in Rome, known for an approach that combines innovative techniques in dough management and baking, with a strong emphasis on ingredient quality. Pier Daniele studies toppings with a chef’s mindset, creating pizzas focused on single ingredients (the Assoluti) and sweet variations inspired by “memory snacks,” which always result in a meticulous study of textures, temperatures, and contrasts.

The pizzas are famous for their soft yet crisp crust, and the use of ingredients across the board (including vegetarian and vegan options), offering a high-level culinary experience that transcends the traditional pizza with a pronounced crust. Seu’s philosophy emphasizes experimentation without compromising the inclusivity of the offering, adding zest to the Roman scene and elevating pizza to a complete gastronomic experience. Alongside him is his wife, Valeria Zuppardo, a master of hospitality directly involved in managing the operations, among which stands out a new opening: TAC Thin and Crunchy, dedicated to Roman pizza.


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