Francesco Vincenzi

Formigine - Emilia-Romagna

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Francesco Vincenzi, scion of the Francescana Family, has been at the helm of Massimo Bottura's bistro "Franceschetta 58" since 2017. Just two years later, his talent is recognized with the S. Pellegrino "20 Years" award presented by Identità Golose.

Francesco Vincenzi was born in Formigine, near Modena, in 1992. Passionate about gastronomy, he attended the Serramazzoni Hotel and Catering School, and while still a student, he took on the waiter role at Massimo Bottura's "Osteria Francescana." Bottura encouraged him to delve deeper into the world of hospitality, and shortly thereafter, Francesco moved into the kitchen, initiating a parallel journey alongside his work in the dining hall. This experience helped him understand that hospitality is a cohesive system where every part is crucial for the whole to function, a fundamental concept for being a good leader.

In 2017, he became the head chef of "Franceschetta 58," a bistro under the Francescana Family in Modena. The restaurant places great importance on quality ingredients: the staff is always in search of products, nuances, and local producers to connect with. The menu, whether à la carte or tasting, encapsulates the essence of Modena. After two years of hard work, Francesco received the S. Pellegrino "20 Years" award in 2019, presented by Identità Golose, acknowledging him as the most promising chef under 30.

Filled with ambition, he maintains a strong desire to learn in order to continuously improve and achieve even greater accomplishments.



Cover Photo: @Infraordinario_Studio


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