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Vincenzo Guarino

Vico Equense – Campania

Vincenzo Guarino

Vincenzo Guarino has earned a MICHELIN Star for as many as 4 different restaurants, but now he is settled at "La Tavola Rossa di Vincenzo Guarino" in Umbria. As the creator of the event "Dining with the Stars," he has participated in numerous international events as a representative of Italian gastronomy.

Born in 1977 in Vico Equense and raised in Torre del Greco, Vincenzo Guarino has cherished the importance of Sunday lunch since his youth – a shared moment of love and flavors that he still holds dear in his heart. Guided by his grandmother Clara's morning preparations, Vincenzo discovers his true passion: cooking. With a clear vision for the future, he enrolls in the hotel institute of Roccaraso.

After completing his studies, his desire to learn leads him to travel across Europe, working with renowned chefs such as Gualtiero Marchesi in Capri, Peter Wiss in Gstaad, and Nazzareno Menghini in Rome. He also undertakes various specialization courses, focusing on pastry, risotto, and finger food preparation.

Soon after, Vincenzo becomes a chef at the prestigious "Relais e Chateaux Bellevue Syrene" in Sorrento. His hunger for experimentation and continuous pursuit of excellence drive him to participate in various national competitions, winning the "Chicco d'Oro" in Verona in 2008 for the best risotto in the contest.

Having moved to the restaurant "I Salotti" at the "Il Patriarca" Hotel in Chiusi, Vincenzo earns his first MICHELIN Star in 2009.

His success continues in 2012 when he gains another Star for his innovative cuisine at the restaurant "L'Accanto" within the "Grand Hotel Angiolieri" in Vico Equense.

In 2015, he moves again, this time to "Il Pievano" in the Castle of Spaltenna in Tuscany, where he earns another MICHELIN Star. Vincenzo is also the creator of the annual event "Dining with the Stars" at the Resort & Spa of the castle, which involves more than 45 MICHELIN-starred chefs from around the world.

In 2019, he relocates to the renowned restaurant "L'Aria" at the "Mandarin Oriental" Hotel on Lake Como, where he earns a MICHELIN Star a few months after its opening.

Since 2021, Vincenzo contributes as a consulting chef at the "Castello di Postignano," a scattered resort in Valnerina, Umbria, where, from July 2022, he is also the executive chef at "La Tavola Rossa di Vincenzo Guarino," a gourmet restaurant with only 10 seats and an open kitchen.

As the chef himself states, his cuisine knows no boundaries of space and time, as it is open to all possible influences: memories, traditions, and memories tied to his homeland blend harmoniously with more exotic and innovative nuances from the places he visits for work.

In fact, since 2015, Guarino has participated in numerous charity events, sponsorships, product presentations, and the openings of new establishments, both in the United States and abroad.

For example, he has been participating in the events for the Italian Cuisine Week in the World for years, and in the past, he has also attended the gala dinners of the Best Chef Awards in Milan and Barcelona, not to mention the numerous other events in the United Kingdom, United States, Croatia, China, Portugal, and the United Arab Emirates.



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