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Nebbiolo: 10 Bottles to Buy if You're a Wine Enthusiast

Luca Gardini
copertina nebbiolo

Here are the "Magnificent 10" to buy if you're a true Nebbiolo enthusiast, featuring Luca Gardini's expert recommendations.

1. Elvio Cogno

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Montegrilli 2022

1 Elvio Cogno Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Montegrilli

A precious Nebbiolo born from the homonymous vineyard in Novello. Crafted with meticulous work in the vineyard and cellar, it's one of Walter Fissore's cellar highlights. Red cherry on the nose, hints of iris, notes of white pepper, and a touch of Valdostan mint. Juicy and savory on the palate with a fruity-spicy finish.

2. Azelia

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2021

2 Azelia Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2021

A deeply rooted winery in Castiglione Falletto with a history spanning over a century. This is a masterpiece of drinkability (and simplicity) that highlights the impeccable quality of the raw material. Nose with notes of red currant, hints of chinotto, and laurel, while the palate is crisp, very juicy, and highly persistent.

3. Paolo Scavino

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2021

3 Paolo Scavino Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2021

Three generations working in MGA of Castiglione Falletto, this label is known for its reliability and immediate expression of the Langhe's primary grape. The nose features notes of Vignola black cherry, hints of white pepper, and juniper berries. The palate is succulent with a return of rhubarb and fruity notes, ending with a spicy closure.

4. Palladino

Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Palladino  2021

4 Palladino Nebbiolo d Alba DOC 2021

An excellent Nebbiolo from Roddi, with a higher percentage of limestone in the soil—a valuable asset for both the Serralunga cellar and this wine type. Amarena cherry on the nose with hints of laurel and wild iris. Juicy-savory on the palate with a fruity-floral return and a lingering finish.

5. Massolino

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2021

5 Massolino Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2

A Nebbiolo from Serralunga d'Alba, aged in large barrels for 12 months. It boasts great fruit concentration and freshness. The nose offers notes of red raspberry, hints of rosemary, dog rose, and clementine zest, while the palate is salty-savory with a fruity-herbal return and finishing with citrusy notes.

6. Giulia Negri

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Pian delle Mole 2021

6 Giulia Negri Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Pian delle Mole 2021

From La Morra, a splendid Nebbiolo originating from the Serradenari Cru. It undergoes a long maceration on the skins after spontaneous fermentation, showcasing a classic 'garagiste' style. The nose opens with notes of dogwood, touches of eucalyptus, hints of menthol, and dog rose. The palate is iodine-salty with a fruity-menthol return.

7. Domenico Clerico

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Capisme-e 2021

7 Domenico Clerico Langhe DOC Nebbiolo Capisme e 2021

From the youngest vines of the San Pietro cru, this is one of Clerico's entry points into the world of wine. Very low yields and exclusive steel processing with aging between steel and amphora. The nose has notes of pomegranate, hints of white pepper, and touches of underbrush, ending on peppery leaf notes. On the palate, it's dense with sapid tannins, closing with an herbal return.

8. Enzo Boglietti

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2020

8 Enzo Boglietti Langhe DOC Nebbiolo

From La Morra, this Nebbiolo embodies the elegance of the entire town. It's produced under organic management and aged for 6 months in barrels, at least of second use. Red currant on the nose, notes of marjoram, hints of black pepper, and licorice root. Salty-savory on the palate with a fruity and herbal return.

9. Sottimano

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2022

9 Sottimano Langhe DOC Nebbiolo

From the Neive area, Basarin cru, this is one of the signature Nebbiolo of the appellation with a pronounced "dark" taste profile. Nose of Vignola black cherry, hints of underbrush, tobacco, and eucalyptus on the finish. On the palate, it's juicy-salty with dusty tannins, a fruity-spicy return, and balsamic notes.

10. G. D. Vajra

Langhe DOC Nebbiolo 2022

10 G D Vajra Langhe DOC Nebbiolo

A refined version of Nebbiolo from a highly reliable producer, featuring relatively young vines and aging in both steel and wood. It opens with notes of sour cherry, followed by hints of wild thyme and white pepper, with menthol sensations. The palate is salty, with a fruity-officinal return and spicy hints.

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