Grand Hotel Fasano: The 5-star haven for gourmands, from starred menus to a maxi spa

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A recent renovation, Michelin recognition for Il Fagiano restaurant, and every aspect of hospitality excellence: these are the elements that make Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe one of the benchmarks of Lake Garda's hospitality industry.

It's one of the symbols of luxury hospitality that has been watching over the Riviera del Garda for 135 years, never losing its elegance and that welcoming atmosphere, which today adds to a careful commitment to sustainability. Recently, several rooms have been renovated to ensure year-round hospitality, along with the magnificent wellness center inspired by Roman baths.

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The Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe in Gardone Riviera (BS) is a point of reference for those who want to spend a few days immersed in the sophisticated beauty of this lakeside area, which, according to many, offers one of the most suggestive landscapes in Italy and perhaps in the world.

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The hotel and rooms

The Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe is now classified as a 5-Star Luxury Hotel, but its history holds even more prestigious value. It was built as a hunting residence for the Austrian royal family and since 1989 has been designated a National Heritage Site by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. This establishment is a true sophisticated gem overlooking a breathtaking slice of the world with 80 units including rooms and suites, all recently renovated after a four-year intervention.

grand hotel fasano suite

The renovation encompassed expanding and modifying the rooms, focusing on design and space, but especially to enhance the qualitative aspect that has always aimed to connect with the historical significance of the establishment and the wonder of the surrounding environment. Today, the style of the lounges, rooms, terraces, spa, and the three restaurants within the property speak the same language of details, lights, and spaces. The 4 brand new suites and 2 executive suites, each over 100 sqm, with direct access to the spa, a separate living area from the sleeping area, 2 bathrooms, a dining area for room service, and breathtaking views of the lake, park, and hotel pools.

grand hotel fasano 3

Every room features a variety of materials, but it's the wood that draws attention. This precious wood comes directly from the forests of Trentino just a few miles from the hotel. This is not only a stylistic choice that allows the establishment to connect with the territory it occupies but is also a high-performing solution from an energy perspective that promotes sustainability, which is also the focus of this new renovation.

Services and Spa

grand hotel fasano spa

The location features multiple spaces dedicated to guest wellness, engaging the senses in a 360-degree experience. The terraces nestled in the lakeside park are entirely dedicated to Rama Redzepi's mixology, as is a room entirely devoted to the fine drinking experience, complete with extremely valuable furnishings, carefully selected wallpapers, and a majestic grand piano. Among the services, the 3600 sqm AQVA SPA cannot go unnoticed, with its centerpiece being the heated indoor pool at 29°C where guests can immerse themselves while admiring the park and lake panorama.

grand hotel fasano spa2

In one corner of the pool area, surrounded by luxurious and gleaming columns, there is a large whirlpool bath whose structure recalls the classic Roman amphitheaters. Thanks to the immense floor-to-ceiling glass window, it also allows guests to enjoy the external panorama from every angle. Also present in this space, there is a first Turkish bath dedicated to families. In a separate area, there is a relaxation area leading to the buffet space where guests can enjoy a light lunch or a snack accompanied by a wide selection of teas, herbal teas, dried fruits, and nuts.

grand hotel fasano spa3

The sauna area is designed for guests to spend a full day in complete relaxation and privacy. Everything is designed to provide guests with every kind of service without ever leaving the spa. Four types of saunas are available: 2 Turkish baths, one classic at 90°C and one tepidarium at 45°C; a Finnish sauna at 90°C and a laconium at 45°C; sensory showers; a pool featuring a cold water fountain for cooling off after the sauna.


Il Fagiano Restaurant 1

Breakfast, as we all know, is one of the most important moments during a hotel stay, and at the Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe, it's overseen by Chef Maurizio Bufi (who also leads the 1 Michelin Star restaurant within the property). The buffet area is large and well-ventilated, divided into classic sections ranging from international to Italian breakfast options. An entire section is dedicated to cured meats and cheeses sourced from local producers. Pastries and bread are the highlight of this breakfast, freshly baked every morning with a wide variety available. 

grand hotel fasano colazione

Cakes, biscuits, and viennoiseries are accompanied by a classic coffee selection that also includes a range of specialty coffees for enthusiasts. Another interesting feature, often overlooked, is the gluten-free section and vegan breakfast options. Breakfast is served in the indoor dining area or on the lakeside terrace, and there's also a list of eggs cooked to order with several lactose-free options available.

The culinary offering

Il Fagiano Restaurant 2 2024 04 11 01 26 03

There are three restaurants within the property: Ristorante Il Fagiano, led by Executive Chef Maurizio Bufi, which was awarded a Michelin Star in November 2023; the gourmet Il Pescatore; and Il Magnolia, open for lunch under Chef Pasquale Tozzi’s supervision, whose pastry background then evolved into the culinary environment with Campania influences. For Chef Tozzi, ingredients come before anything else, as demonstrated by his products, starting with dairy sourced from mountain cows he has "adopted" for this gastronomic project.

Chef Pasquale Tozzi2

Il Fagiano Restaurant

In November 2023, the restaurant Il Fagiano at the Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe, owned by the Mayr family, received its first Michelin Star thanks to the research and cuisine of Chef Maurizio Bufi. Chef Bufi directs a rooted regional cuisine while never forgetting his Apulian heritage.

Maurizio Bufi 1 2024 04 11 01 26 04

The result is a mix of bold flavors that aim to engage diners in a culinary journey with contrasting ingredients and stunning colors. Bufi's gastronomy is impactful, maximizing the concept of each dish: if acidity is what he intends to convey, that acidity will linger on the palate. The menu is divided into three tastings: MEMorie (5 courses featuring the chef's iconic dishes), CONTAMINAZIONI (6 courses where Apulia is seen and tasted), and AVA nguardia (7 courses driven by creativity and experimentation).

Cartellata di luccio patata affumicata capperi e olive

Notable is the Spring tomato gazpacho, a dish that seems to venerate the tomato, symbolizing the land and conveying all the nuances of the season to the palate. The Risotto, lemon, burrata and liquorice is a signature dish of Chef Bufi, revealing much about the creator. The Coregone, roots and black garlic, is intriguing, with both taste and texture causing eyes to widen in astonishment. It's recommended to end the experience with Chocolate, passion fruit and vanilla, a dessert perfectly balanced between bitterness and acidity, appealing to both aesthetic enthusiasts and those who prefer less sweet desserts.

Cioccolato frutto della passione e vaniglia3

But this isn't just Maurizio Bufi's cuisine, as the chef himself is keen to emphasize. His is a team effort, and everything works thanks to a united team that works alongside him every day to achieve a single goal: excellence. To complete his work and make it impeccable from every perspective, there are Matteo Mendeni (a young sous chef with very clear ideas) and Nicola Filippello (a maître and sommelier with a cosmopolitan background who brings the service to a very high level).

The mixology

Rama Redzepi2

Rama Redzepi is the bar manager of Ramas, the cocktail bar within the Grand Hotel Fasano & Villa Principe. Redzepi's style is sophisticated yet approachable, focusing entirely on taste with cocktails that have intoxicating aromas, proudly representing Italian mixology on the world stage.

PEARLS AND FEATHERS ph Federico Pasinetti
Photo by Federico Pasinetti

The lakeside aperitivo moment is one of the experiences to be enjoyed in this establishment. Each drink is passionately and competently described, with captivating storytelling that elevates the taste to remarkably high levels. But it's in the Ramas lounge that Redzepi shines the most, experimenting based on his guests' palates and offering tastings of spirits and products for true connoisseurs.


Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli, 190, 25083 Gardone Riviera BS, Italy
Telefono: +39 0365 290 220

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