Forestis, where luxury goes green: in Bressanone, the hotel in the woods above 1800 meters


Marco Colognese
COPERTINA Hotel Forestis

At 1800 meters, 62 suites made of completely natural materials, with a unique panorama of the Dolomites: Forestis shows how luxury can adapt futuristically to the mountain ecosystem.

The Hotel 

The Plose massif is considered one of the most fascinating natural wonders in the world. It's in Palmschoβ, twenty minutes by car from Bressanone, that Alois Hinteregger, a member of a South Tyrolean hotelier family with a long tradition of hospitality, along with his wife Teresa Unterthiner, discovers a hidden building in the woods during one of his long walks in 2007.

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Alois falls in love with what was once a lung sanatorium built by the Habsburg monarchy for the extraordinary natural features of this area. He revives the beautiful historical core of the building, developing the project for a hotel that, beyond its five-star luxury, is a world of its own, open all year round with its 62 suites of three different sizes, ranging from 50 to 200 square meters, opened in July 2020.

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When asked what the spirit of Forestis is, Teresa and Alois respond in unison: "For us, it's a hideaway, a retreat with an exceptional panorama of the Dolomites, unique in the world. A place immersed in the forest and based on sustainability principles, where nature engages the senses and atmosphere. Here every day is a discovery. Forestis tells this side of infinite beauty, in constant search of endless emotions, given by what surrounds us."

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When it comes to sustainability, they are serious here: materials such as stone, wood, fabric, and glass were used, with a CO2-neutral construction. On the other hand, the historic building with its wooden facade reminiscent of a large manor house is protected, and nothing has been modified: the wooden coffered ceilings and windows are truly beautiful. Everything here has been built with durable natural elements from the surrounding environment, from pine to Plose stones, preserving the wooden ceilings and the original staircase.

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The felled trees were used to build fences, and two new plantings were made for each tree cut down. Energy comes from its own plant and a wood heating system, and garden lights are replaced, when possible, with open fireplaces.

forestis bar lounge

Alois continues: "Every morning when I wake up, I immediately look out at our mountains. The sunrise is different every day, and I am always amazed by the show that unfolds before me. I love enjoying nature, and the Forestis environment changes throughout the year, making every day special." These are not the emphatic words of someone who can only be in love with their creation because arriving up here, you realize that every detail, from the rural elegance of the oldest part of the establishment to the three wooden towers housing the suites with their incredible views, has its extraordinary beauty: here, you can even sleep under the stars, arranging the terrace loungers for a night outdoors.

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Moreover, being 1800 meters above sea level surrounded by forests, with the thin air delicately scented with resin and the climate of Plancios on the southern slope of Plose unusually mild. The spa is remarkable with its two thousand square meters, inspired by Celtic traditions and the four natural elements water, air, sun, and climate associated with as many trees - Swiss pine, red fir, larch, and stone pine - with treatments linked to the vibrations of their sound sequences. The living spaces are particularly spacious, and for those who love sports, in addition to the boundless hiking opportunities, in winter, Forestis is connected to the Plose ski area: starting from the Skiroom, you can take a peaceful forest path that leads to the valley station of the ski lift and the slopes.

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For the interiors of Forestis, natural materials were used, and fabrics for pillows, sofas, armchairs, chairs, and carpets were supplied by a weaving mill in Trentino. The furnishings are elegantly essential, and nothing has been left to chance, including the lighting that uses imperceptible light sources to create a natural atmosphere. The same can be said for the highly original restaurant hall, which with its steps resembles the shape of what could be called a kind of linear amphitheater and allows all guests a view of the Dolomites through large windows: each table is enclosed in a niche, ensuring considerable privacy.

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The talented Roland Lamprecht is the executive chef of this establishment, a chef with significant European professional experiences used to being in nature since childhood. An expert connoisseur of mountain ingredients, he chooses natural elements from the woods and products from local farmers for his cuisine, creating dishes that combine the tradition of South Tyrol with successful creative ideas, with a wide use of vegetables but without neglecting meats and fish.

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Finally, it's worth mentioning the magnificent Rooftop Bar in the center of the three wooden towers, whose core is a lounge area with a central fireplace, open all year round weather permitting: if the view from Forestis is unique, the result for the eyes from up here is truly extraordinary, especially at sunset.

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Palmschoß 22, 39042 Bressanone BZ
Telefono: +39 0472 521 008

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