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The Best Steak in Italy Eaten in Tuscany: Two Brothers Awarded in Their Family Venue with 50 Years of History

Sveva Valeria Castegnaro
copertina i due cippi

The Aniello brothers' restaurant, I Due Cippi, has confirmed its place as the best in Italy for grilled meats, securing the 6th spot in the global ranking of the World's 101 Best Steak Restaurants. This historic family venue celebrates a new record in their longstanding tradition of quality.

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Meat lovers throughout Italy, take note of this address: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 26A, Saturnia. Right in the heart of Tuscany's Maremma, you’ll find "I Due Cippi", a restaurant that reached 6th place overall in the World's 101 Best Steak Restaurant ranking, the highest among Italian venues recognized by this network. Founded in 1976 by Michele Aniello, it is now run by his two sons, Lorenzo and Alessandro.

i due cippi sala
i due cippi tomehawk

Lorenzo, the "Meat Artist," enhances premium meats on his "gourmet grill" each evening, sourced exclusively from the finest farms, while Alessandro manages the dining room and a wine cellar boasting over a thousand references.  Upon entering the restaurant, guests are welcomed by a large fireplace—the beating heart of the establishment—where Lorenzo and his right-hand man, Vincenzo, meticulously prepare globally sourced meats every evening.

i due cippi caminetto

The Aniello brothers offer only the best cuts of steak, including rare Italian Black Angus, Japanese Wagyu from the Kobe prefecture (they are also official distributors for the Kobe Beef Consortium), and Rubia Gallega aged on-site for a minimum of 60 days.However, Lorenzo and Alessandro’s venue is not only about high-quality steaks but also includes other traditional Tuscan dishes such as sweetbreads, tongue, pigeon, strictly grilled vegetables, and other "humble" traditional Tuscan dishes like tripe, lampredotto sandwich, and fried lamb brain. Their maniacal attention to seasonality and sustainability dictates that "We personally select all the meat we grill and serve to always ensure the highest quality of every dish.

i due cippi alessandro

We like to follow the entire supply chain process: this way, we are sure that the animals come from certified farms... The priority is the well-being of the animal: ethical methods are used, allowing the animals to grow healthily in respect of their natural habits," reads the restaurant’s website.  The dedication to their work, the commitment, and the continuous research—undoubtedly inherited from their father Michele—have led the two brothers to climb an additional rank in the 101 Best Steak Restaurants this year.​​​​​

i due cippi bistecca2

"The verdict is in: we are now 6th in the World’s 101 Best Steak Restaurants, a prestigious ranking that reviews the best meat restaurants globally. We are truly proud to have moved up a position from last year and to remain steadily in the Top Ten, a testament to the passion, expertise, and care we put into every detail," they write on social media.

i due cippi bistecca

Other Tuscan venues also feature on the same list: Regina Bistecca, moving from the 45th position in 2023 to 19th this year, and Trattoria Dall’Oste, which has moved from 24th to 43rd position. Further afield in Italy, other notable mentions include La Braseria in Osio Sotto (29th), Bifrò in Turin (37th), Asina Luna in Milan (58th), and Varrone in Milan (81st).

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