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Fine Dining: Which Countries Have the Most Starred Restaurants in the World?

copertina ristoranti michelin quali paesi ne hanno di piu

Which nations have the highest number of restaurants honored by the MICHELIN Guide? The online platform Spin Genie compiled the 2023 rankings.

The research

The MICHELIN Star is a recognition that every chef and restaurateur aspire to, but that few are lucky enough to achieve. However, not everyone is lucky enough to be able to access the restaurants awarded this award, both for the often-high price and for their location, rather scattered all over the world. Although, the restaurants reported by the Guide are quite widespread in most continents, they are much more common in some places than others.
The online platform Spin Genie analyzed and compared restaurants surveyed around the globe to find out which are the countries that host the largest number of starred restaurants.

Countries with the most starred restaurants in the world

France is the country with the highest number of restaurants awarded with one or more Stars, for a total of 556 restaurants. This country boasts one of the most famous culinary traditions in the world and the French cuisine has always been synonymous with fine dining. The area with the highest density is Paris, where there are 72 starred tables.
And what about Italy? Silver medal with a total of 365 starred restaurants well distributed among the cities best known to the Italian and foreign public (just think of Rome, Florence, and Milan).

paesi con piu ristoranti stellati al mondo

Japan is very close (344 restaurants), third in the ranking. Many are in Tokyo, which is not surprising: it is in fact the most populous city on the planet. Germany (250) and Belgium (244) follow, while the United States comes only seventh, with 164.
Regarding the cost, it emerged that the places in the world with the most "expensive" starred restaurants in the world are Canada, Hungary and Luxembourg, followed closely by Austria and the United States. Italy, on the other hand, does not appear in the top 10 reported by the site.

paesi con i ristoranti stellati piu costosi

Other curiosities? Hong Kong is the country where starred restaurants have the most affordable cost ever, while Macau has the largest number of starred restaurants per 100,000 people, with 2,039 stars every 100,000 inhabitants. 

paesi con ristoranti stellati piu convenienti

Source: Spin Genie

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