Mattia Pecis

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Mattia Pecis

Born in 1996 in Val Seriana, Mattia Pecis is one of the most promising emerging chefs in the Italian culinary scene. He currently leads the team at Cracco Portofino, a new culinary venture started by Carlo Cracco. His cooking reflects a strong commitment to sustainability and the use of local ingredients, blending tradition and creativity with an innovative touch.


Mattia Pecis began his career in the restaurant world at a young age. Growing up in Val Seriana, he started as a fish commis, then moved to second courses, and eventually took charge of the pasta section. His professional journey led him to work in prestigious Italian kitchens, including the restaurant of Norbert Niederkofler in Alta Badia, where he learned the importance of sustainability and the use of local ingredients.

After several formative experiences, Pecis had the opportunity to work alongside Carlo Cracco. He started as a sous chef at the Cracco restaurant in the Galleria in Milan, participating in prestigious events and cooking for celebrities like Michelle Obama and Rihanna. In 2021, Pecis was chosen to lead the team at the new Cracco Portofino restaurant, a project that combines culinary excellence with the valorization of local producers.

Pecis’s culinary philosophy is based on the careful selection of raw materials and collaboration with local farmers and fishermen. Each morning, he personally goes to the market and port to select the freshest ingredients. During the pandemic, Pecis reflected on the importance of balancing work and personal life, influencing his vision of sustainable work in the restaurant sector.

Under Pecis's leadership, Cracco Portofino has become a benchmark for high-class cuisine in Liguria. The restaurant has received praise from major gastronomic guides and has solidified its reputation as a place of culinary excellence. Pecis continues to explore new ideas and techniques, always keeping a focus on quality and innovation at the heart of his kitchen.


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