Amanda Eriksson

Älvsbyn - Svezia

Amanda Eriksson

Amanda Eriksson, chef of the Wood restaurant in Breuil-Cervinia, has brought her innovative and sustainable cuisine to the forefront, earning a Michelin star in the 2024 guide of the same name. Her restaurant combines Scandinavian, Italian and Asian influences, creating a unique dining experience in the heart of the Alps.


Amanda Eriksson, originally from Älvsbyn in Norrbotten county, northern Sweden, has always had a passion for cooking. From a young age, she developed a strong connection to the local flavors and ingredients of her homeland, which continues to influence her style. In 2013, he opened the Wood restaurant in Breuil-Cervinia with his partner Cristian Scalco. Located at 2,000 meters above sea level, the gourmet is distinguished by its natural design, with antique wood finishes from the Aosta Valley, and an eclectic menu in the technical and cultural register.

Amanda integrates traditional methods with modern approaches, offering three tasting menus: one vegetarian, one inspired by local cuisine, and a more creative one that allows her to experiment freely. Her cuisine is a surprising mix of Scandinavian and Italian traditions, with exotic and oriental touches, making each dish an ongoing discovery for her guests.

In November 2023, Wood was awarded her first Michelin star, recognition of the quality and originality of Amanda's cooking. The Redhead praised the restaurant for its “outstanding cuisine” and the chef's ability to create dishes that tell a story through the use of local and sustainable ingredients. Wood's success is attributed not only to Amanda's culinary mastery, but also to the dedication of her team, who share her vision of ethical and always environmentally conscious dining.

Amanda believes strongly in sustainability and the importance of a conscious approach to total ingredient use. She promotes practices that reduce environmental impact and constantly seeks to educate and inspire both her staff and her customers. His culinary philosophy is not only to nourish, but to create emotional connections through food, combining diverse influences to offer a dining experience that is both familiar and innovative.


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