Jacopo Mercuro

Roma - Lazio

Jacopo Mercuro

Jacopo Mercuro, known for his pizzeria "180g" in Rome, has revolutionized the concept of Roman pizza by blending tradition and innovation. A former lawyer, he followed his passion to become one of the most acclaimed pizzaiolos, receiving national and international accolades for his unique doughs and innovative supplì.


acopo Mercuro stands out in the Italian pizza landscape. His story, which began in Rome where he graduated in law, took a decisive turn when he decided to leave his legal career to pursue his true passion: pizza. After initial experiments in his home kitchen and professional courses, he opened "Mani in Pasta," followed by the renowned "180g" and later "Pizzottella" in Milan, venues where his culinary vision came to life. His approach to Roman pizza, known for its traditional thin and crispy base, has been revolutionary. Mercuro introduced innovations in both doughs, favoring long fermentation processes, and in the fillings of his famous supplì, capturing the taste of Romans and achieving significant recognitions like the Tre Spicchi from Gambero Rosso and a prestigious spot in the "50 Top Pizza Italia" ranking. Besides pizza, Mercuro has gained fame for his supplì, as evidenced by his participation in MasterChef, where he showcased his original creations. His ability to creatively reinvent traditional dishes has established him as one of the pioneers of the Roman pizza renaissance, a craftsman who skillfully balances respect for tradition with a desire for innovation. The success of "180g" is not just due to the quality of the pizzas but also the unique atmosphere of the venue, where modernity and tradition merge, offering a comprehensive culinary experience that includes a wide selection of cocktails and spirits to pair with the dishes. Mercuro, with his pop vision and passion for excellence, has transformed "180g" into a benchmark for those seeking high-quality contemporary Roman pizza.


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