Mariano Guardianelli

Cordoba - Argentina


Mariano Guardianelli, the chef at Abocar Due Cucine in Rimini, is celebrated for crafting a unique culinary stream that blends the essence of Italian cuisine with the soul of Argentina. His innovative vision has turned the restaurant into a gastronomic landmark, adorned with a Michelin star.


In the pulsating heart of Rimini, Mariano Guardianelli stands as an emblematic figure of culinary innovation. His journey, beginning in the vastness of Argentina and matured through international experiences, has found its voice at Abocar Due Cucine, a restaurant that mirrors his personal interpretation of Italian and Argentinian cuisines. A native of Cordoba,

Guardianelli brings to Rimini's culinary scene not just the technique and sophistication learned in Italy but also the memories, flavors, and traditions of his homeland. This fusion results in dishes that are a dialogue between diverse cultures, such as his acclaimed Soyotta and Cappelletti that embrace ingredients and methods from both traditions. Guardianelli's philosophy is anchored in a profound respect for raw materials, with particular emphasis on seasonality and sustainability.

His menu is a sensory journey that invites exploration of new gustatory horizons while maintaining a connection to roots and memory. Abocar Due Cucine is more than a restaurant; it's a life project that Guardianelli shares with Camilla Corbelli, his partner and collaborator. Together, they have created a welcoming atmosphere where diners are invited to discover a rich and profoundly authentic culinary experience.

The Michelin star awarded in 2019 is just one of many accolades confirming the excellence and originality of Guardianelli's cuisine. Through his work, the chef demonstrates how the fusion of cultures can give rise to a new and intriguing culinary language, capable of surprising and delighting even the most demanding palates.


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