Martina Puigvert

Olot - Spain


Martina Puigvert, daughter of the renowned chef Fina Puigdevall, has achieved two Michelin stars and the prestigious title of "Best Young Chef 2024" at just 29 years old. Growing up in the culinary environment of the family restaurant Les Cols, her cuisine reflects a deep connection to the land and a passion for innovation.


Martina Puigvert, a young Catalan chef of international renown, leads the kitchen of the restaurant Les Cols, located in the picturesque city of Olot, with passion and dedication. Under her guidance, Les Cols has brilliantly achieved two Michelin stars, one Michelin Green Star, and two Repsol Suns, testifying not only to the high gastronomic quality but also to the restaurant's commitment to sustainability.

These recognitions, highlighted during the Gastronomic Forum Barcelona, place Les Cols and Martina at the center of the Spanish and international culinary scene. The daughter of Fina Puigdevall, a renowned chef and pioneer in sustainable, territory-respecting cuisine, Martina has inherited a profound passion and an ethical approach to cooking. Since 2016, Martina has been collaborating with her mother on this culinary project, bringing a breath of freshness and innovation while maintaining a solid bond with tradition and the roots of the territory.

Her training at the Basque Culinary Center and various experiences in world-famous kitchens have contributed to forging her unique style, skillfully blending tradition and modernity. Martina has managed to reinterpret pastry classics through a contemporary lens, focusing her work on artisan leavened products and experimenting with alternative ingredients to offer new and surprising taste experiences. A striking example of her ability to innovate while respecting traditions is the PandUovo, an original creation that reinterprets the pandoro in an Easter key, transforming it into a leavened Easter egg.

This invention symbolizes Martina's approach to cooking: a marriage between respect for tradition, attention to sustainability, and the desire to surprise and delight the palate through creativity and innovation. Martina's culinary philosophy is based on valuing tradition as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, while constantly searching for new techniques and ideas that can enrich and renew the culinary experience.

Through her work at Les Cols, Martina Puigvert establishes herself as one of the most promising figures in the new generation of chefs, ready to lead Catalan and international cuisine towards ever-new horizons.


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