Pedro Subijana

San Sebastián - Spagna


Pedro Subijana, the undisputed master of Basque cuisine, has led the Akelarre restaurant to peaks of global excellence, earning three Michelin stars. His biography is a journey through innovation, education, and recognition, shaping not only his career but also the evolution of Basque gastronomy.


Pedro Subijana Reza, born on November 5, 1948, in San Sebastián, Spain, is a celebrated chef who has significantly influenced modern Basque cuisine through his restaurant Akelarre. Subijana's culinary career began at the Hospitality School of Casa de Campo in Madrid, followed by further studies at the Luis Irizar Cooking School in Zarautz. His passion for cooking and dedication to the craft led him to create Akelarre in 1975, located on Mount Igueldo in his hometown of San Sebastián, with the aim of transforming it into a creative center for new Basque cuisine. Over the years, his restaurant has received numerous accolades, including its third Michelin star in 2006, marking a pinnacle of success and recognition for Subijana's contributions to the culinary world.

Subijana's culinary philosophy combines the fundamentals of Basque tradition with international influences, reflecting his early training and innovative spirit. This balance between authenticity and avant-garde has made Akelarre a destination for food enthusiasts worldwide, eager to experience Subijana's unique culinary creations.

In addition to his successes in the kitchen, Subijana has also been a significant figure in culinary education and communication. He has taught at various European and American institutions, as well as in Spanish Hotel Management Schools, sharing his knowledge and passion for gastronomy with the next generation of chefs. Subijana became a household name in Spain thanks to his television program "La cocina de Pedro Subijana" on Euskal Telebista, broadcasting more than 1,400 episodes. His commitment to education and his role as a mentor to many chefs underline his belief in the importance of academic training in the culinary arts.

Subijana's dedication to the craft and his influence on Basque cuisine have not gone unnoticed. His career is dotted with numerous awards, including the National Gastronomy Award for Best Chef in 1979 and 1997, multiple Michelin stars, and the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 2016, among others. These accolades testify to his impact on the culinary world and his status as a leading figure in the evolution of Basque cuisine.

For those wishing to experience Subijana's culinary art beyond the restaurant, Akelarre now also offers a luxury hotel experience. With its breathtaking views over the Bay of Biscay, the hotel provides guests with an extension of Akelarre's gastronomic experience, featuring contemporary and elegant design, a wellness and spa center, and an impressive wine cellar, making the visit an unforgettable gastronomic journey.


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