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His passion for cooking originated during his escape from the military dictatorship in Uruguay. At the age of 14, he already aimed for the top, and by 18, he became a chef for the first time. Matias Perdomo, chef and owner of "Contraste" in Milan, a MICHELIN-Starred restaurant, was named Best Chef in Italy in 2017 by the Guide to Gourmet Restaurants "Identità Golose," but he doesn't seem to have any intention of stopping. "Exit," "Empanadas del Flaco," and "ROC Rosticceria Origine Contraste" are proof of his continued success.

Matias Perdomo was born in Uruguay in the early '80s, a turbulent period when the military dictatorship in the country compelled the Perdomo family to seek refuge elsewhere. As a result, Matias spent his childhood moving between Argentina, Brazil, and Denmark.

Returning to Uruguay during his adolescence, Matias abandoned his studies at the age of 14, with his sights set on a lofty goal: to work in his country's first five-star hotel. Due to his young age, this was not possible, but being fond of manual work, Matias became an apprentice carpenter in his uncle's business and, undeterred, attended a cooking course in his free time. At just 18 years old, he became the chef of a large brigade in an Italian restaurant in Montevideo.

At the age of 21, Matias arrived in Italy, at the Milanese restaurant "Pont de Ferr," with his chef friend Juan Lema, also from Uruguay. Lema gave Matias a taste of authentic Italian cuisine before moving to "Trattoria Mirta."

It didn't take long for Matias to earn the title of chef, and under his guidance, the cuisine at "Pont de Ferr" underwent a profound evolution. Thanks to his boundless creativity and curiosity, the young Perdomo transformed the rustic menu of the Milanese tavern into a gourmet feast. In 2011, his mastery earned him a MICHELIN Star, recognizing his excellent use of ingredients and great inventiveness. Two years later, he became a father to a baby girl.

Matias pursued his dream of starting his own venture and, in 2015, opened "Contraste" with two friends and colleagues, Simon Press and Tomas Piras. Soon, the restaurant became one of the most beloved in the Lombard city and later in all of Italy, earning a MICHELIN Star in 2017, and the title of "Best Chef in Italy" from the Guide to Gourmet Restaurants "Identità Golose."

The following year, the unstoppable Perdomo inaugurated "Exit," another landmark for food enthusiasts in the heart of Milan. He also appeared as a guest on the television program "Bake Off Italia."

In 2020, Matias achieved further milestones, thanks to his talent and entrepreneurial spirit: he opened "Empanadas del Flaco" and "ROC Rosticceria Origine Contraste" in Milan.

In 2022, the chef graced the cover of an issue of Alfredo Magazine, a subsidiary of Rolling Stones Italia, and the following year, he was nominated for the Top 100 of The Best Chef Awards.

Matias is also a teacher at the Arte del Convivio Cooking School, which offers school-work opportunities for talented young people in fine dining kitchens.


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