Borgobrufa, located in Umbria, is the largest spa resort in central Italy: a 40,000 m² Eden

Brufa (Perugia)

Alessandra Meldolesi
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On the outskirts of Torgiano, not far from Perugia and Lake Trasimeno, lies the largest spa resort in central Italy. This astonishing establishment features ultra-luxury suites and showcases the innovative wellness cuisine of Chef Andrea Impero.

The hotel

Umbria? It's the new Tuscany. The saying has been around for a while, and it's true that while the landscapes and villages captivate visitors, they don’t necessarily suffer from the woes of overtourism. Everything here is quieter and more modest, devoid of pretentiousness, and mostly still authentic. But there's a catch: high-quality accommodations are lacking, with just a few exceptions popping up here and there.

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One notable contribution comes from Andrea Sfascia, an entrepreneur who made his fortune in tobacco and, in 1997, decided to diversify his business with his wife Ivana. They started building, brick by brick, what is now a luxury resort spanning 40,000 square meters.

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The property, located on the outskirts of Torgiano, is nestled in an untouched landscape of rolling hills where fiery sunsets blaze across the sky. From the first vaguely country-style farmhouses, through successive renovations, they created a modern structure harmoniously integrated into the setting, with the new generation of the Sfascia family, daughters Vittoria and Francesca, involved in its management.

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Equipped with two meeting rooms and a smoking lounge, the resort has 50 rooms, including the Luxury Love, Romantic, and Charme suites. The flagship feature, however, is the Imperial Emotion Suite, spanning 200 square meters, with 2 double bedrooms, a private heated pool, sauna, and Turkish bath, a patio with a hot tub, a large private garden, and a separate check-in and entrance for maximum privacy.

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The standout feature of the resort is the largest spa in Central Italy, spanning 3,000 square meters, with a heated pool that pleasantly stretches outside among olive trees. It also features a panoramic sauna, a nature sauna, a salt bath, a steam bath, sensory showers, an ice fountain, snow crystals, four private mini-spas, a summer pool, a gym, tennis courts, a hair salon, and beauty services. For treatments, including couples' treatments, they use in-house cosmetics made from products from the resort's farm, which has vineyards and olive groves. The resort is adults-only (18+), making it ideal for couples, offering them the utmost relaxation.

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The gastronomic offering

The resort boasts not one but two signature features. The culinary scene shines under the leadership of Chef Andrea Impero, who took over in 2019. Born 33 years ago in Ferentino, a town in Ciociaria, Impero honed his skills at esteemed establishments like Alfonso Caputo's Taverna del Capitano in Marina del Cantone, Santi Santamaria's three-Michelin-star Can Fabes in Sant Celoni, and Antonio Mellino's Quattro Passi in London. Before joining the resort, he led the culinary team at Maritozzo in Moscow, a massive multi-functional space with a bakery, pastry shop, wine bar, and fine dining.

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It was Bruno Petronilli, a native Umbrian and food critic, who discovered Impero and played the matchmaker for the arrangement. Impero began by overseeing breakfasts and the menu at the hotel restaurant Cinque Sensi, then shifted his focus to the fine dining restaurant Elementi (as we’ve previously discussed), which was awarded a Michelin star in the latest guide. The product is what fuels the dishes at both locations with varying levels of complexity and creativity.

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Upon arriving, the young chef established a network of 70 local suppliers, discovering hidden gems and reimagining wellness cuisine with a gourmet approach, thanks to academic collaborations, fermented ingredients, and a focus on nutritional principles, all while reconnecting with ancestral traditions. This philosophy extends the resort's symbiotic relationship with its surrounding environment, promoting sustainable growth and development.

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Via del Colle, 38, 06089 Brufa, PG, Italia
Telefono: +390759883

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