Boscareto: Where Luxury Goes Green - 5-Star Experience with Vineyard Views and Mammoliti's Gourmet Cuisine

Serralunga D'Alba

Elisa Erriu
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A luxury five-star masterpiece among the Langhe to fully immerse in rustic comfort. Two-story Super Spa, garden, bistrot, and fine dining led by Michelangelo Mammoliti: welcome to Boscareto.

Imagine a blank canvas: a painter begins to brush lush green fields, outlining soft hills, vineyards, and nature taking shape in the Serralunga d’Alba landscape. And right here, in the heart of his painting, he paints a Resort: The Boscareto Resort & Spa, owned by the Dogliani family.

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After an accurate renovating process, the resort reopened its doors towards the end of 2023 with a series of innovations that radically transformed the luxury hospitality experience in this poetic land.

The Philosopy

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The aim of the renovation was clear from the outset: to preserve the strengths of the past while expanding the offering in terms of rooms, common spaces, and services. Luxury becomes the guiding thread, offering guests an experience of deep relaxation and absolute comfort, enveloped by nature and the surrounding landscape. Built on the concept of enhancing the Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Boscareto Resort & Spa was renovated with the concept and goal of becoming a fundamental element of an area where history, beauty, and food & wine excellence converge.

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As a seal to this promise and to close a circle, surrounding the Resort are, among other things, you'll find the vineyards of Batasiolo wineries, also owned by the Dogliani family, from which the great wines of the Langhe originate. The choice to bring Marco Filippi back to lead the resort in the Langhe, the place where his family comes from and where he has worked for many years, underscores the commitment of the Dogliani family to make Boscareto Resort & Spa a destination of excellence in the international luxury landscape, thanks to their extensive experience in the luxury hotel industry.

The Establishment


The Boscareto Resort & Spa architecture harmoniously blends traditional elements with contemporary design. Local materials such as Langhe stone and ash wood mix with glass, creating a cozy and refined environment. The resort presents itself as a modern castle, nestled in the landscape of the Langhe showing utmost respect for the surrounding environment.

il boscareto Pool 1
Michelangelo Mamoliti Niccolo Brunelli
@Niccolò Brunelli

However, some of the most beloved spaces of the Resort remain unchanged, such as the Water Room and the Spa, as well as the ballrooms dedicated to events and meetings. Valentina Dogliani, hostess of Il Boscareto Resort & Spa, says: "We are very happy with the result of this profound reimagining of the Resort. We have worked extensively, scrutinizing every environment and aspect of the establishment, with the aim of preserving all the strengths and most appreciated characteristics while simultaneously developing a new Boscareto experience, current, personalized, and unique. Today we welcome back our beloved guests with the enthusiasm and energy of the first opening."

Rooms, Suites & Spa

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The renovation has led to the creation of ten new rooms, including two large suites with panoramic terraces and hidden kitchenettes. The 39 existing rooms have been completely refurbished, retaining their original spirit but creating a completely new feel through the use of colors, materials, and cutting-edge technology. Each room is designed to offer the utmost comfort and privacy, with a state-of-the-art infotainment system and fiber optic connection specially created for the resort.

il boscareto hotel stanze
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The Sovrana Spa is the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. Upstairs, the Water Room offers a pool, a whirlpool tub, and a Technogym-equipped gym, while downstairs you'll find treatment suites, a Finnish sauna, an aromatic Turkish bath, and much more. The Spa is designed to offer the best of the oriental wellness experience, with a special focus on body care and constant research into cutting-edge products and innovations.

il boscareto hotel spa

Dining offer

The gourmet restaurant La Rei Natura, led by top chef Michelangelo Mammoliti, is a true temple of taste. The cuisine, inspired by nature and local products, merges with suggestions from travels and culinary experiences from around the world.

la rei natura karma Marco Varoli
@Marco Varoli

"The project followed the principle of fruitful exchange between the local area and nature," explains Mammoliti, "with the creation, in addition to the completely new dining rooms, of a greenhouse next to the Resort entrance and a vegetable garden not far away located in the town of Barolo, also owned by the Dogliani family. Here, the cuisine starts from nature, from the colors, sounds, and locally sourced products, to blend with my distant suggestions, sometimes very distant, collected during my travels and work experiences abroad."


In addition to the offering of La Rei Natura, there is also Il Bistrot Sunsì, nestled in the greenery and open to the hills: ideal for enjoying a rejuvenating breakfast, a light lunch, or a sunset aperitif.

The Garden and Outdoor Spaces

Michelangelo Mamoliti Niccolo Brunelli2
@Niccolò Brunelli

One of the most significant innovations of the reopening is the introduction of a new garden, which replaces the area previously used for parking. The garden, rich in greenery and flowers, offers guests an oasis of tranquility and natural beauty. Through targeted engineering work, the parking area has been moved to a large underground garage, freeing up outdoor space and allowing guests to fully enjoy the view of the surrounding hills.

il boscareto Giardino 1

Exclusive Events & Services

Boscareto Resort & Spa also offers a wide range of services for corporate events and meetings. With a breathtaking backdrop and an elegant and functional facility, the resort is the ideal setting for organizing events of all kinds, from business meetings to dream weddings. Thanks to its strategic location in the Langhe, the resort also offers the opportunity to organize guided tours of local wineries and tastings of fine wines.

Via Roddino, 21 – 12050 Serralunga D’Alba (Cn)
Telefono: +39 0173 613036

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