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Gareth Ward, The Renowned Chef, 'Defends' His €440 Menu: 'Luxury Comes At a Cost.'

Sveva Valeria Castegnaro
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An ambitious project, luxury ingredients, and a team of almost thirty members: Gareth Ward 'defends' the pricing of his Michelin-starred restaurant, highlighting the costs of fine dining.

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Gareth Ward is stirring controversy again. The irreverent and outspoken chef, originally from Durham in northeast England, declared to The Telegraph a few days ago that the culinary experience at his restaurant Ynyshir, currently priced at £380 excluding drinks, should cost much more. "I'm not sitting here as if I were swimming in money: I'm not Scrooge McDuck. Not a penny comes out of this place. Everything we produce, and it's not much, goes into improving Ynyshir because I hope, one day, to make it one of the best restaurants in the world. This is a project born out of passion. It's not a source of money at all, but I wish it were. I invite anyone who says the restaurant prices are exaggerated to come take a look at our numbers... we use the most ridiculously expensive ingredients in the world," Ward states.

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Japanese bluefin tuna, black truffle, Wagyu A5, lobster, and Beluga caviar N25 are just some of the products featured in Ward's cuisine. The meticulously crafted experience, well beyond mere cooking, is known to be often surprising, suitable for bold, curious, and, above all, adventurous palates. On the restaurant's website, the chef himself addresses those willing to visit and try his 30-course menu.

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"Travel to the far coast of Wales. Take your time. Take a day or two. Come with an open mind, ready for an engaging culinary experience in our home. Expect our DJ to handle the music and the kitchen show to be at the center of the stage. Expect fire, intense flavors, and the finest meats and fish from around the world. Keep in mind that Ynyshir, perhaps, is not the right place for a business meeting or a first date." But, most importantly, it reads: "We do not cater to any dietary requirements, and we do not substitute ingredients in any dish," just to make things clear!

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Perhaps, this introduction to the world of Ynyshir is what most supports and reinforces the chef's statements regarding the price of his "artistic expression." "I have 27 staff members for a 20-seat restaurant; I have 14 acres of land, the management of which costs a lot of money. It's my fault; I made things go this way. I wanted to push for innovation, use better ingredients, have more staff, be original in every aspect to offer the best experience one could desire... but, unfortunately, this comes at a cost: someone has to pay for it," Gareth concludes, describing his Ynyshir, the first restaurant to receive two Michelin stars in Wales and be crowned the best in the UK in 2023.

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