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Meet Alina Meissner-Bebrout: A 23-Year-Old Restaurateur Without Staff, Now Boasting a Michelin Star

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Alina Meissner-Bebrout not only earned a Michelin star in the latest Michelin Guide Germany but also received the Young Chef Award. Her cuisine, though far from creative extremism, exudes playfulness and cosmopolitan flair.

The chef

Alina Meissner-Bebrout is a young chef, born in Munich, who knew exactly what she wanted to do at the age of seventeen. She dived into the kitchens of renowned Michelin-starred restaurants early on, mentored by Sven Elverfeld, one of Germany's influential three-star chefs with Aqua in Wolfsburg. Years of travel, from Tyrol to Mallorca, preceded her decision to venture on her own at 23, a path that has proven to be steadily rising, as Rolling Pin explains.

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In 2014, she opened her restaurant Bi:braud in Ulm. At the time, shortly after the opening, Alina Meissner-Bebrout ran the kitchen solo, which remains one of Germany's smallest Michelin-starred kitchens. Managing the restaurant without assistance and cooking independently for six days a week was indeed challenging. However, over time, she evolved and reshaped her culinary philosophy. Initially focused on tapas, she shifted towards refined Mediterranean-inspired cuisine executed with precision and without extremism.

bi braud

Today, in fact, Bi:braud not only offers the classic five-course menu but also provides a vegetarian option and even the possibility of a three-course vegan menu. Among the main courses, the Öllinger corn-fed chicken breast or porcini and lovage cannelloni stand out. These dishes masterfully encapsulate Alina's technique and creativity. In fact, her recipes, in their simplicity, exude all the strength and curiosity drawn from distant and cosmopolitan realities.

Alina Meissner Bebrout piatto

Playful amuse-bouches like spelt and rye bread with miso and onion butter or a taco with shiso, radish, and kimchi exemplify her innovative approach. After Chef Meissner-Bebrout's kitchen was mentioned in the coveted Michelin Guide Germany 2022, the restaurant transformed its menu offerings, focusing on tasting menus from classic to vegan. Naturally, Alina Meissner-Bebrout is no longer alone in the kitchen; she is now supported by three talented chefs. Alina's unstoppable talent was recently awarded with her first Michelin star and the title of "Young Chef Award 2023," both conferred by the prestigious 'Red' guide.

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