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47 Circus Roof Garden: the "suspended" gourmet terrace overlooking the Circus Maximus

Leonardo Samarelli
copertina 47 circus roof garden

The rooftop of the 47 boutique hotel has recently welcomed the new chef Maurizio Lustrati, who,along with the restaurant manager Dario Campanella, creates a synergy of pairings and successful dishes.

The restaurant 

It's no news that Rome harbors an endless array of artworks, monuments, and archaeological sites among the world's most beautiful. In this context, many hotels are fortunate to have terraces at the top of their buildings with views that never cease to amaze. Since 2004, the 47 Boutique Hotel has stood out for its panoramic rooftop entirely open-air, even during the colder seasons, showcasing the Mediterranean cuisine of 47 Circus Roof Garden.

13Bistrot piano terra 47 Hotel
3Lobby 47 Hotel

Here, the tables always remain outdoors, and during winter, the space is equipped with umbrellas to protect from bad weather. A deliberate choice to offer customers a total immersion 365 days a year in the beauty of the Circus Maximus (the name of the establishment pays homage to the ancient Roman circus), the Temple of Hercules Victor, and the nearby Piazza della Bocca della Verità.

7Aperitivo 47 Hotel 1
11Corte 47 Hotel 1

The restaurant's supervision, in line with the elegance that characterizes the 4-star hotel, has been entrusted since 2009 to Chef Gabriele Enrico, who boasts years of experience in the luxury hotel industry. After several changes in the brigade's leadership, October marked the arrival of Maurizio Lustrati, a Roman chef born in 1975 with a considerable familiarity with fine dining and hotel kitchens. While he expanded his culinary horizons at the Dorchester in London, it was at the Hotel Hassler and the renowned Roman address for quality seafood, La Rosetta (a Michelin-starred restaurant at the time), where the chef focused all his potential, distinguishing himself for his cosmopolitan touch.

27Chef Maurizio Lustrati
247 Circus Roof Garden 47 Hotel 1

The gastronomic offering of 47 Circus Roof Garden is a constant homage to local flavors and the seasonality of raw ingredients, with a changing menu four times a year that allows ingredients to shine in every dish. From this vision arises "47 Hortus," a three-hectare property inside the Marturanum Regional Park in Tuscia, dedicated to the production of oil and the harvest of organic vegetables. A project intertwined with the hotel's virtuous commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by the "Green Globe" certification, the world's leading international organization for environmental certification in the sustainable management of businesses in the tourism sector, and currently, the establishment on Via Luigi Petroselli is the only one in the city to have received this important recognition.

8Stanza Fornasetti 47 Hotel
11Cinema 47 Hotel
9Radio RR 126 Castiglioni 47 Hotel

The dishes

Maurizio Lustrati's debut is immediately a statement for autumn: porcini mushrooms, black truffle, Parmesan, and salty hazelnut crumble; an essential dish both in technique and taste that celebrates seasonal products.

47 Circus Roof Garden Porcini tartufo parmigiano e crumble di nocciole salate

Next on the table is octopus with layers of roasted potato, 'nduja, and green apple gel. The mollusk's texture is softened by the interesting transformation of the potato, while 'nduja and green apple add complexity to the dish.

47 Circus Roof Garden Polpo e millefoglie di patate arrostite nduja e gel di mela verde

Visually beautiful and delicious to taste, the stuffed Jerusalem artichoke buttons with black garlic bagna cauda and baby squid continue the chef's intention to showcase the best of Italy, from north to south of the peninsula. With the second course, a Piennolo tomato risotto with buffalo stracciatella and crispy red pepper, the restaurant manager and sommelier Dario Campanella also takes the stage, offering a pairing with Alta Quota beer from Cittareale, a small town in the province of Rieti. A stylistic choice that allows for the full appreciation of the three main ingredients.

47 Circus Roof Garden Bottoni di topinambur con bagna cauda allaglio nero e calamaretti

No longer hesitating, the maître repeats with Mediterranean fish, both cooked and raw, with a reduced bouillabaisse and sweet potato saffron, recommending not a classic crisp and mineral white, but the Sangiovese La Querce di Poggio Mandorlo; the result? The full and juicy taste of the wine perfectly balances the tasting of the mix of fish and shellfish, reminiscent of Livorno's cacciucco, both for the intensity of flavors and the bright red color.

47 Circus Roof Garden Pesci del mediterraneo cotti e crudi con ristretto di bouillabaisse

To close the dinner with a view of Rome, a refined remake of the popular banana and chocolate: a combination that seals the restaurant's new course convincingly, with the compelling arrival of Chef Maurizio Lustrati.

47 Circus Roof Garden Cioccolato pralinato al caramello pistacchio e gelato alla vaniglia


47 Circus Roof Garden

via Luigi Petroselli 47 00186 Rome

Phone +39.3480162378


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