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Palazzo Brancaccio: where the Great Beauty of Rome comes to life, blending art and food.

Luca Roncadin e Francesca Di Leo
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A symbol of the eternal city. An architectural masterpiece transformed into an international cultural hub, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of Rome. From art exhibitions to cultural events, and fine dining at Roland: let's explore Palazzo Brancaccio together.

Located in the heart of the Eternal City, few steps away from Domus Aurea, between the Colosseum and the Basilicas of San Giovanni and Santa Maria Maggiore, Palazzo Brancaccio, the last noble residence within the Aurelian Walls, is one of the finest examples of eclectic architecture and interior decoration, creating highly personalized and characterful spaces.

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@Serena Eller

The palace is an invaluable architectural gem that represents the history and art of the past and still provides an unforgettable sensory and visual experience for anyone who visits. It was built in 1880 by the architect Gaetano Koch for Mary Elisabeth Field, the American wife of Prince Salvatore Brancaccio and Lady of the Palace of Queen Margherita of Savoy. The Brancaccio family traces its roots back to the year 1000, thanks to Bano Brancaccio, representing one of the oldest and most illustrious families in the Neapolitan patrician society.

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Within the history 

The interiors, adorned with luxurious flair, the frescoes were the work of Francesco Gai, who not only worked on the ceiling art but also created designs for wall decorations, from stuccos to carvings, tapestries, and some furnishings. He also handled architectural projects, furniture solutions, and garden arrangements within Palazzo Brancaccio, painting courtly portraits of the noble family, where the affected grace of the poses is liberated by compositional clarity and tonal counterpoints.

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The Palace features curved lines and spaces that link different forms of art, creating captivating plays of light and shadow. Each room, like the Sala Angeli, Sala Arazzi, Salone di Gaia, Galleria degli Specchi, and Sala delle Vestali, is different yet contiguous to the others, making the building unique. The Casina di Caccia, located in the park, is also adorned with works by Francesco Gai. He decorated almost all the interiors of the sumptuous halls and created the Nymphaeum and the "Coffee House," used for the princess's receptions in the garden.

SEV 1054 Palazzo Brancaccio Serena Eller
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The grandeur of the rooms and the wonderful gardens make it an unparalleled place in the world, chosen as the venue for sumptuous parties attended even by the House of Savoy. The beauty of the interiors makes it a major cultural, historical, artistic, and social hub today, becoming a prestigious public meeting place for exhibitions, receptions, events, cultural moments, and gatherings, which can be complemented by high-level dining services.

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Through its halls, gardens, and gazebo, Palazzo Brancaccio is full of places to discover and also hosts a small 60-seat theater called the "Chanson de Roland," created by Prince Roland Brancaccio, where countless personalities of the 20th century were born who made this art their profession. In these artistic and cultural spaces, the Great  Beauty has been narrated, becoming the protagonist in many cinematic masterpieces like "Roman Holiday" and more recently, "The Great Beauty."

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Cosmopolitan and International HUB

The first noble floor, now called Spazio Field, was originally meant for the accommodations of Mary Elizabeth Field's parents and family, and later it was used to host the National Museum of Oriental Art. The second noble floor, on the other hand, historically hosted events and grand receptions. The revitalization carried out in 2019 was strongly desired by the Azzarone family, especially by Andrea, a well-known Roman entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, who had the courage to preserve the artistic orientation of the Palace. Azzarone's business foresight led to the creation of a new, rich, fluid space, with immeasurable intangible value, skillfully combining the cultural aspect with high-level fine dining.

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Today, national and international events, as well as institutional and high-profile meetings, continue to take place here. History confirms that several Republic Presidents and prominent figures in the political landscape have been hosted within these walls. Known as the National Museum of Oriental Art until 2017, Spazio Field is also an interdisciplinary art gallery hosting various forms and dimensions of artistic projects, including art, architecture, photography, design, visual, and sound art. Its 1800-square-meter area offers an immersive sensory experience in a monumental, hybrid, and contaminated location that combines history and contemporary art.

Spazio Field ott2021 06
GioacchinoPontrelli SPAZIOFIELD phAndrea Veneri
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The most recent event was the Antique Show "Art and Collecting in Rome," which presented selected works of art from 46 prestigious galleries across Italy, with a majority coming from Rome, followed by Milan, Florence, Bologna, Naples, and even London and New York. The aim of this exhibition was to provide the capital with a high-profile artistic space and create a permanent meeting point for scholars and collectors, becoming an undisputed benchmark in the sector.

GioacchinoPontrelli SPAZIOFIELD phAndrea Veneri  2023 10 24 23 58 14
@Andrea Veneri

The interiors expand into the Princess's park. Passing through a secret door and a path that runs alongside the Nymphaeum, you arrive in a majestic garden, Rome’s exclusive private space, unlike any other. All these places also serve as workshops and laboratories for artists with the "Artist's Residence," aimed at inviting artists to create a unique environment for developing their works. Spazio Field is an unparalleled place where visitors can enjoy a dual experience: cultural, through organized events, and gastronomic, thanks to the quality restaurant. Art and cuisine merge in a refined and magical combination.

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The fine dining

In these settings, Roland Restaurant finds its place as a high-level fine dining establishment. Located inside the Field exhibition space, it offers visitors the opportunity to combine the cultural experience with a culinary one. The restaurant, surrounded by works of art and the original palace decorations, is an elegant environment adorned with stuccos, 14th-century paintings, and designs by the artist Francesco Gai. The antique embroidered oriental silks complete the decor. The cuisine at Roland, already awarded "Due Forchette Gambero Rosso" just months after opening, is led by Executive Chef Carlo Alberto D'Audino, born in 1985 in Catanzaro, with extensive experience in many Michelin-starred restaurants, including Trussardi alla Scala in Milan and Open Colonna in Rome.

phGuidoCaltabiano 1E2A9528
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The Chef's menu is like a blank canvas: once he has chosen the right ingredients, he can create a culinary work of art. And when the Chef in question has a long history in the culinary world and a strong connection to his homeland, the result is a journey that reflects his passion and creativity. This is precisely what happens with Chef Carlo Alberto D'Audino, whose genuine cuisine is interpreted in a culinary journey that embraces a unique blend of flavors and traditions, supported by a wine cellar with over 900 labels.

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The Great Beauty 

Palazzo Brancaccio safeguards and represents a highly valuable and refined artistic heritage, with a synergy of complementary environments and services. Within it, Spazio Field takes shape in the most intimate part of the establishment, amplifying its eccentric and alluring essence, its artistic influence. Today, Spazio Field is the most captivating cultural experience where significant events are held, and on the gourmet side, you'll also find the exquisite Roland restaurant, offering high-level dining.


Palazzo Brancaccio- Roland

Viale del Monte Oppio, 7, 00184 Rome RM

Tel: +39 06 4873177 


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