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Sergio Herman, Renowned Chef, Loses 2 stars: "Now I'm Changing Life, Here's How"

Alessandra Meldolesi
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Losing stars is every chef's nightmare. Dutch chef Sergio Herman, who left two stars on the table in just one year, has shown that it can also be an opportunity for a life change. After handing over his restaurants to a Zeeland hotel, he announced his intention to dedicate more time to his private life while preparing to launch exciting projects in Asia.

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Sergio Herman made headlines in the Netherlands' gastronomic scene when he lost two stars in just one year, from Pure C and AlRepublic. The chef didn't waste time on comments or regrets. Instead, he made a radical professional and life choice, handing over both Cadzand, Zeeland establishments to Strandhotel, which already boasts several fine dining options (the exact direction is still unclear; there will certainly be a transitional period and a name change, but jobs will be preserved). The final service at Pure C will end on September 23, 2023, while AlRepublic will close on March 30, 2024.

Sergio Herman Chef c Lennert Madou
@Lennert Madou
pure c restaurant
Pure C Restaurant

"After fifteen years, I feel the risk of repeating myself. And that's not in line with my Zeeland nature. Alongside my extreme passion for cooking, I have other desires—like spending more time with my family, my children, and friends, traveling more, and giving a new twist to unique international projects like the one in Asia. While it's not yet on the horizon, merging these aspirations is a source of tension in my current life, which is why I've decided to close the Cadzand chapter, seeking new dreams and opportunities. Working with all these chefs, maîtres, and sommeliers, along with everyone who contributed to making Pure C and AlRepublic a success, has enriched my professional life in many ways."

sergio herman Victoriano Moreno
@Victoriano Moreno

Herman is no stranger to such bold moves: in the past, he had made the most radical decision by closing his acclaimed three-star restaurant, Old Sluis, at the peak of its success in 2013. This move followed his ranking as the seventeenth-best restaurant in the world according to The World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2011. He did this to focus more on his wife and four children. Undoubtedly, it's a challenging time for the Dutch culinary scene, as it has already lost two single stars (Le Restaurant and Vanderveen) and notably, the three stars of Interscaldes in Kruiningen.

sergio Herman piatto Kirchgasser Photography
@Kirchgasser Photography_ChristianBau

Cover photos: @Chantal Arnts

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