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Dabiz Muñoz: "Does my menu cost more? It's normal. Talent pays for itself."

Claudia Bartoli
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DiverXO is the fourth best restaurant in the world, and prices to eat there have risen to 365€. Dabiz Muñoz defends his choice, comparing fine dining to other more expensive forms of entertainment.

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The World´s 50 Best Restaurants has decreed that DiverXO is the fourth best restaurant in the world, and Dabiz Muñoz raised his prices. The eclectic Madrid chef comments on his accolades by saying that talent must necessarily be paid for, and in fact, to eat at his restaurant now costs €365.

"It has been 15 years since we opened, during which time we have welcomed many diners, international press, and colleagues from around the world. In the last two or three years, we have served the most unique and radical menu ever, although I think it is the sum of all previous achievements. In the international culinary scene, we have sown the seeds, and now we are reaping the rewards."

So thinks Muñoz, who was also crowned Best Chef of the Year by the Best Chef Awards. To explain his decision to raise prices, he also compares it with the concert of a famous singer like Harry Styles, saying that to listen to quality music, people are willing to spend hundreds of euros, so it must be for fine dining as well.

"Eating at a starred restaurant is the most affordable luxury. DiverXO is not for the rich." He states with conviction, then talks about new projects, including opening a new DiverXO in La Finca and a desire to focus on hotel hospitality. "I want to build the concept of my dreams. Crazy, wild, unique."


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Photo in the article: credit DiverXO

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