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The Best of the Sea in the High Mountains: Langosteria Opens in St Moritz

Fulvio Marcello Zendrini
copertina langosteria sankt moritz

After building a presence in Milan, the well-known brand of seafood restaurants opens its seventh location in St. Moritz, bringing the "Langosteria effect" to high altitudes.

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Sankt Moritz. Engadine. Swiss Alps.

This is a tale of a grand celebration in the mountains. But also, a story of the strength of a brand.

Langosteria Sankt Moritz has just opened the seventh restaurant of the chain "captained" by Enrico Buonocore, along with Remo and Pietro Ruffini, who, with Archive, acquired 40 percent of the shares of Langosteria, leaving Enrico in a firm majority at the helm of the vessel.

@Danilo Scarpati

After four openings in Milan, Paraggi/Portofino, and Paris, Langosteria comes to the high mountain. I remember as if it were yesterday the opening of Langosteria in Paraggi, undoubtedly the most beautiful restaurant on that wonderful stretch of the Ligurian coast. I remember it because, from that moment, the coast woke up.  And many others have finally arrived, from Cracco to Cerea of Da Vittorio, just to name two important names. Because this is what Langosteria does: it attracts and creates new aggregation hubs. And this effect, which we will call the "Langosteria effect," is one of the founding features of the format.​​​​​​​

The new location is a beautiful place. Designed by Swiss architect Andy Küchel, it invites you to have a good time with people who want to have a good time, eat a couple of light and tasty dishes, and devote an eye to the wine list (thanks, Valentina Bertini). It is a place where customers who have found comfort for years in the menu and atmosphere at the original Via Savona location (as well as the other locations in and outside Milan) can now enjoy on the mountain.

I mean, God makes them .and then duplicates them.​​​​​​​

And so, it goes for other great food and wine brands, like Da Vittorio's DAV by the Cerea brothers or SPAZIO E BULGARI RISTORANTE by Niko Romito. A road was opened in the last century by French chef Joël Robuchon, who opened no less than 11 restaurants worldwide under the Atelier Joël Robuchon label. The key element? A great brand that shows diversity but withstands when replicated without faltering on consistency: food, decoration, ambiance, and service all need to be consistently at the same level, even when the price points and locations of each new restaurant open.

To ensure a long life for the genuine and unrepeatable element of value in restaurant companies: the idea of the chef and the patron, the backbone and constituent of the brand. Hence, what in marketing is called "positioning." And I must admit, here in Sankt Moritz, the "positioning" could not be more respected. Amidst luxury cars, high-end fashion brands, designer handbags and backpacks, Langosteria opens its doors as a sheltered place, almost warm cozy fireside amid the snow above Sankt Moritz.

But don’t think of it as a place where you simply eat: Langosteria is a place that is always fun and friendly, where people know each other and know you, where waiters smile and chat with you, and where you leave saying, "I had a good time tonight."


The Menu

Opening menu:

Seafood, cacio cheese and basil polenta

King snapper filet, lime salicornia and roe

Bluefin tuna carpaccio with a Mediterranean sauce

Turbot tempura with piquillo pepper mayonnaise

Catalana-style shrimp with a 3-tomato coulis

Barbecued Norway king prawns

And pasta: "damare" orecchiette and seafood saute


Cream-filled cannoncini (Italian cream horns)

Good dishes, in short. Ideated by Domenico Soranno and executed in the mountains by Executive Chef Antonio d'Ambrosio. Each one is easy to read but not trivial and never challenging. Overall, it is a great debut in the snows of the Engadine for an established format, showing that it can successfully adapt to new places, new heights, and new temperatures.



"I am happy to be able to announce the seventh opening for our Group," says Enrico Buonocore. "We are following development in strategic international locations, and St. Moritz fits perfectly into this plan. We continue to work as we know, strengthened by the experience of these 15 years, bringing the quality that has always distinguished us even at high altitudes."

So, you want to feel good and have fun? Come to Enrico's.

Langosteria awaits you.

Where? Take your pick. Seven locations, one spirit.





Langosteria Sankt Moritz

Chesa Chantarella, Via Salastrains 10, 7500 St Moritz, Svizzera

Tel: +41 81 833 31 31

Photos: @Danilo Scarpati




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