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Explore the journey of Daniel Calvert, the British chef at the prestigious Sézanne restaurant in Tokyo, where his commitment to quality and innovation quickly earned him two Michelin stars, solidifying his status in international gastronomy.


Daniel Calvert began his culinary journey in London, working at renowned restaurants such as The Ivy. His career then took him to New York, where he became the sous chef at Per Se at just 23 years old, a role that marked the beginning of his international recognition. Further honing his skills in Paris at Epicure, Calvert later reached the pinnacle of his career in Hong Kong as the chef at Belon, elevating the restaurant to fourth place in the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants rankings.

After making an indelible mark in Hong Kong, Calvert took on the challenge of Tokyo, drawn by the competitive gastronomic scene and access to top-tier ingredients. At Sézanne, his meticulous approach and relentless pursuit of excellence resulted in two Michelin stars.

His cuisine is renowned for the use of high-quality ingredients and an obsessive attention to detail, traits that distinguish him as one of the world's top chefs. Calvert has a unique approach to the restaurant, opting to change dishes whenever he feels inspired, to preserve the originality and authenticity of his culinary offerings. His philosophy focuses on constant innovation and authenticity, traits that have made him a pioneer in global gastronomy. In addition to his culinary successes, he is known for his cultural impact.

Glowing reviews and international awards have solidified his reputation, but it is his willingness to continue exploring and innovating that keeps him at the forefront of the industry. Despite numerous achievements, Calvert remains open to new challenges and opportunities, including exploring creative roles outside of traditional cooking, even as a designer. His passion for creativity and detail suggests a bright and ambitious future.

Daniel Calvert is more than a chef; he is a visionary who continues to redefine the boundaries of modern cuisine. With Sézanne in Tokyo, he has demonstrated that perfection is paired with a profound cultural and social impact, leading the evolution of gastronomy with a fresh and innovative vision.


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