Marianna Vitale

Napoli - Campania

Marianna Vitale

Marianna Vitale, a prominent chef born in Naples in 1980, founded Ristorante SUD in Quarto Flegreo, turning her culinary passion into a successful career. Her journey, marked by accolades such as a Michelin star and the title of best female chef from the Michelin Guide, reflects a commitment to a cuisine that explores new horizons while staying deeply rooted in Neapolitan tradition.


Marianna Vitale has turned her education in Spanish language and literature into a prelude to a culinary career that has seen her become one of the most innovative figures in the Italian gastronomic landscape. Her restaurant SUD, opened in 2009, is a sanctuary of innovative cuisine that draws from local tradition, an endeavor recognized with a Michelin star in 2012 and the award for best female chef in 2020.

SUD stands at a crossroads where Neapolitan culinary tradition merges with contemporary techniques, resulting in dishes that challenge and surprise the palate. Marianna has dared to experiment, playing with flavors and textures to reinvent Southern cuisine, as evidenced by her "Evolution of ragù" and "spaghettoni with sea lemons," dishes that embody the essence of her culinary style.

Beyond her flagship venture, Marianna has distinguished herself through her social commitment and the opening of other venues, like Angelina Tavola Calda Moderna, and the launch of the MAR LIMONE project and the Marialga craft beer, symbols of her vision for innovative and sustainable cuisine. Her participation in high-profile events, like Masterchef Italy, further underlines her influence in the field.

Marianna is also a member of the prestigious Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe association, acknowledging her seriousness, tenacity, and boldness in the restaurant world. Her culinary philosophy, which views tradition not as a constraint but as a springboard for exploring new gastronomic territories, makes her a true innovator in the field.


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