Alberto Faccani

Bologna - Emilia Romagna

Alberto Faccani

Alberto Faccani, chef and owner of the Magnolia restaurant, is a prominent figure in Italian gastronomy, known for his ability to combine innovation with respect for the territory. With two Michelin stars to his name, his cuisine is a sensory journey that enhances raw materials through refined techniques and surprising combinations.


From a young age, Alberto Faccani harbored the dream of becoming a chef, inspired by his grandmother's cooking and a passion for food. Despite initial family skepticism, he embarked on a path of self-education, enriched by experiences in prestigious kitchens, including those of Nicolas Le Bec and the Enoteca Pinchiorri. These experiences honed his technique and broadened his culinary vision, leading him to identify Ferran Adrià and Massimiliano Alajmo as his reference models for technical innovation and care for raw materials.

In 2003, Faccani realized his dream by opening Magnolia in Cesenatico, a restaurant that quickly became a benchmark for both Italian and international gastronomy. His culinary philosophy, which sees art and nature as sources of inspiration, translates into dishes that surprise for their beauty, precision, and intellectual freshness. The achievement of two Michelin stars is a testament to Faccani's excellence, as he continues to explore and innovate, always maintaining a deep connection with the territory.

In 2017, Magnolia moved to Longiano, to a new location that reflects Faccani's evolving project. Here, the restaurant embraces a new concept, where food becomes the protagonist alongside nature, design, and well-being, consolidating Faccani's reputation as one of the most creative chefs and respectful of local raw materials.


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