Claudio Sadler

Milano - Lombardia

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Claudio Sadler, with his numerous establishments in Milan, Tokyo, and Beijing, offers gastronomic experiences for every taste, from trattoria to MICHELIN-Starred dining.

Claudio Sadler, born in 1956 in Milan, began his culinary journey in 1982 by opening "Locanda Vecchia Pavia" in Pavia. During the summers, he also managed the “Vela Blu” restaurant in Portisco, Costa Smeralda. In 1986, Sadler opened “Osteria di Porta Cicca” in Milan, which received its first MICHELIN Star in 1991, followed by a second in 2002. This establishment has since closed.

Since 1996, Sadler has also operated a catering service, aligning with his distinctive culinary style. Alongside managing restaurants and businesses, Sadler has passionately devoted himself to teaching. In 2002, he founded the “Q.B. Centro di cucina enogastronomico”, becoming a benchmark for the training of professionals and cooking enthusiasts. Additionally, Claudio is one of the founders of the “Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe” association. He has also been a gastronomic consultant for companies and industry magazines, and served as an advisor at EPAM and the Scuola Superiore del Commercio, del Turismo, dei Servizi e delle Professioni in Milan. Since 2012, he has been the president of the “Le Soste” association, promoting the excellence of Italian cuisine worldwide.

After years in Milan's Navigli district, he opened the MICHELIN-Starred "Sadler" restaurant and the modern trattoria “Chic’n Quick”. The latter offered a more casual and speedy dining experience while maintaining Sadler's excellence. He also inaugurated two restaurants within the Rho fairgrounds: “Chic’n Quick in Fiera” and “Sadler in Fiera”, providing culinary experiences for every need.
The chef has also extended his influence abroad, bringing Italian cuisine to the East. In Tokyo and Beijing, he opened two restaurants bearing the prestigious "Sadler" name.

Author of seven cookbooks published by Giunti, his latest, "I miei nuovi menu", was released in 2017. On December 7, 2018, Claudio Sadler was honored with the Ambrogino d’Oro, an award from the Municipality of Milan for those dedicated to the common good.


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