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"Octopus Caprese": A Symphony of Sea and Land

copertina polpo caprese

The grilled tentacle meets a delicious topping of stracciatella and tomatoes. By adding breadcrumbs, here’s a dish of winning simplicity: the recipe from Piccola Cucina New York by Philip Guardione.

Polpo Caprese / Octopus Caprese

Dive into the culinary excellence of "Polpo Caprese", where the robust flavors of the ocean meet the classic Italian caprese in a stunning merger that tantalizes the palate. This dish, crafted by the renowned Chef Philip Guardione at Piccola Cucina in New York, showcases the potential of simple ingredients transformed into a gourmet experience.

Ingredients Overview: 4 people

  • Octopus Tentacles: Firm yet tender when prepared properly.
  • Stracciatella Cheese: Adds a luxurious creaminess.
  • Citrus-flavored Breadcrumbs: Infuses a tangy zest.
  • Cherry Tomatoes: Bursting with sweet, juicy flavor.

Recipe procedure

Begin by boiling the octopus tentacles until they are tender, then let them cool in their own water to preserve their delicate texture. Once cooled, the tentacles are grilled to impart a slight char and smokiness, and then enhanced with a medley of finely chopped red onion, Taggiasca olives, and a splash of lemon-infused olive oil. The breadcrumbs are prepared by mixing them with freshly grated zest from oranges and lemons, which adds a fragrant citrus note. To assemble the dish, spread a generous layer of stracciatorderella cheese at the base of the plate, then place the grilled octopus on top. Finally, sprinkle the citrusy breadcrumbs over the octopus and garnish with fresh cherry tomatoes cut into small pieces.

Culinary Insight:  "Polpo Caprese" blends the textures and flavors of sea and land beautifully, offering a delightful contrast between the creamy cheese, the crisp breadcrumbs, and the tender, smoky octopus.

Conclusion: "Polpo Caprese" is a celebration of simplicity and elegance in Italian cooking. With just a handful of ingredients, this dish showcases how minimalist elements can be transformed into a sophisticated and utterly delicious meal. It's perfect for impressing guests or enjoying a luxurious meal at home.


For more recipes and culinary insights, visit the Piccola Cucina website and explore the creative world of Chef Philip Guardione.

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