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The World's Most Gourmet Potato Croquette: Paco Roncero's "Michelin-Starred" Fried Delight

Alessandra Meldolesi
copertina crocchette paco roncero

In the tradition of home cooking from top chefs, Paco Roncero shared his mother's delicious potato croquette recipe, featuring triple frying for an unparalleled gourmet experience. Potatoes and fried eggs come together in this exquisite dish.

The Fried Deligh

Paco Roncero is renowned for his creativity in the culinary world. His eponymous restaurant at the Casino de Madrid boasts a dedicated Taller for research and a celebrated catering service.

croquetas paco roncero

His projects are sensory experiences that reimagine familiar dishes, often commanding high prices, like the tasting menu at Sublimotion in Ibiza, costing up to €1650.

CUATRO MANOS le crocchette delivery di paco roncero e ramon freixa
CUATRO MANOS- The potato croquettes for delivery, launched in 2020 by Chef Paco Roncero in collaboration with Ramon Freixa
croquetas de huevos rotos con patatas de paco roncero youtube2

However, Roncero also cherishes traditional comfort foods, as demonstrated by his Instagram post about his mother's potato croquettes. These croquettes, with their triple frying technique and inclusion of fried eggs, offer a gourmet twist on a classic favorite. Perfect for an aperitif with a glass of bubbly, they are easy to make and delicious.

Recipe for Paco Roncero's Potato Croquette

croquetas de huevos rotos con patatas de paco roncero youtube

Ingredients (quantities to taste based on the number of servings):

  • Potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Milk
  • Onion
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Butter
  • Salt


To prepare the bechamel sauce, begin by sautéing the onion with a little butter in a saucepan until it is golden. Add the flour, stirring constantly until it turns golden as well, making sure not to burn it. Gradually pour in the milk, continuing to stir until the sauce reaches the desired consistency, which should be neither too thick nor too runny.

Next, cube and fry the potatoes until they are golden and crispy. Fry two eggs as well, and then combine the bechamel sauce, fried potatoes, and eggs in a bowl, mixing thoroughly. Form the mixture into small balls, ensuring that each one is evenly shaped.

Once the croquettes are formed, coat each ball first in flour, then in beaten egg, and finally in breadcrumbs. This triple coating ensures a crispy exterior. Fry the croquettes in a pan with abundant oil until they are golden brown and crispy on all sides.

Contact Information:

Restaurant Paco Roncero 

C. de Alcalá, 15, Centro, 28014 Madrid, Spagna

Phone: +34 915 32 12 75

Web site

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