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In Austria, the World's Most Expensive Hotel Menu: It Costs €17,000, Here's Why

Sveva Valeria Castegnaro
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At Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden, a romantic 7-course menu takes center stage at the record cost of €17,000. Here's what the "package" includes.

Photo and info from hotel's website 

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Did you think the most exclusive dessert of 2023 was the one created last May for the coronation of King Charles III? Well... it's not. The strawberry and ginger-based dessert, conceived by chef Adam Handling, was quickly overshadowed by the seven-course menu dessert offered by Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden.

falkensteiner schlossohotel velden exterior

The extraordinary tasting journey at this Carinthia-based establishment, precisely thanks to the last course, reaches a staggering cost of €16,900 (for two diners, fortunately, but it's a single package to be purchased as a whole, as we'll explain below). The reason for the dizzying price is quickly explained; the tasting's name is "Ein Diamant zum Dessert," which translates to "a diamond for dessert."

19 dw falkensteiner velden restaurant schlossstern 2

The journey featuring high-quality, regional, and sought-after ingredients culminates with a one-carat diamond of "Triple Ex" quality, accompanied by its international certification, presented by jeweler Helmut Bretterbauer. "Make your beloved's eyes shine with a one-carat diamond and fulfill your dreams," reads the ultra-luxury hotel's website. However, if a diamond is not enough to make the evening unique, the two fortunate diners can also enjoy the accompaniment of exclusive live music and choose whether to dine in the rose garden, at the chef's table, or in a luxurious suite. Certainly, "A Diamond for Dessert" remains undoubtedly the most expensive experience offered to guests at Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden.

falkensteiner schlosshotel velden diamant dessert

Yet, it is not the only one. Numerous offers are available for guests to choose from as alternatives. The "Concierge Experience," costing €770 for two people, includes an overnight stay in one of the hotel's lake-view rooms, a four-course dinner, an entrance token to the nearby casino, a bottle of Champagne, and a Rolls Royce limousine to reach the casino itself.

falkensteiner schlosshotel velden zimmer romantik suite 01

"Heaven on Earth," on the other hand, includes 6 nights in a romantic suite, 3 delightful 4-course menus with wine pairings recommended by the sommelier, a bouquet of seasonal flowers, Dom Pérignon Vintage Brut Champagne (0.75L bottle), homemade pastries, and a large fruit basket in the room, plus an exclusive limousine airport shuttle to and from airports in Austria, Slovenia, Monaco, and Venice; finally, guaranteed early check-in and late check-out at the SPA until 9:00 PM and seasonal experiences by reservation, all at a cost of €4,586 for two people. These are just two of the numerous packages offered by the Velden am Wörther hotel. Wealthy individuals from around the world, hurry, Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden is tailor-made for you!

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