Gonzalo Aramburu

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Gonzalo Aramburu credits Eugenio Mazzinghi

Gonzalo Aramburu, a pioneer of contemporary Argentine cuisine, has turned his vision into reality, becoming the first Argentine chef to be awarded two Michelin stars. His story is a journey of passion, sacrifice, and culinary innovation.


Photo: Eugenio Mazzinghi

In the vibrant heart of Buenos Aires, Gonzalo Aramburu has created an unprecedented gastronomic experience, elevating Argentine cuisine to new heights. His adventure begins with a bold move: selling his own car to open the restaurant that bears his name, Aramburu.

This act of renunciation marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey that would make him an icon of Argentine dining. Education and experimentation are the cornerstones of his career. After honing his skills in prestigious international kitchens - from Boulud to Trotter, from Robuchon to Berasategui - Aramburu returns to Argentina with a dream: to create a fine dining experience that expresses the culinary richness of his country.

His restaurant, opened in 2007 in the Constitucion neighborhood, soon becomes a hub of innovation, where experimentation and the pursuit of perfection guide every creation. His "contemporary Argentine cuisine" is a tribute to the diversity and richness of the local gastronomic heritage, interpreted through precise techniques and an artistic presentation of dishes. Each course is unique, the result of meticulous work aimed at enhancing the authentic flavors of seasonal, local ingredients.

The move to the La Recoleta district marks a new phase for Aramburu, with larger spaces and an open kitchen that becomes the stage for an unparalleled interactive experience. The awarding of two Michelin stars in 2023 is the recognition of a path of excellence, a dream realized that testifies to the maturity of a culinary proposal that has always focused on pure products.


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