Ada Stifani

Lecce - Puglia

Ada Stifani

Ada Stifani, chef and owner of Ada Gourmet in Perugia, has made culinary history in Umbria by becoming the first woman in the region to be awarded a Michelin star. Her cuisine is a journey that starts from the roots of Salento to embrace, with love, the flavors of Umbria, creating a unique dialogue between the two lands.


Born in Lecce into a family where love for food was fundamental - a homemaker mother and a butcher father - Ada Stifani carried this interest from childhood. Moving to Perugia to study, she turned this passion into a profession, beginning her journey in local restaurants and honing her skills through internships and numerous courses.

In 2006, Ada opened "L'Officina Ristorante Culturale," a cornerstone in the Perugian gastronomic scene, where she began to explore the fusion between the flavors of her homeland and those of Umbria. Her cooking, defined by a strong territorial imprint and enriched by international references, soon became recognized by guides and the public for its "multicultural" identity. 2022 marked the beginning of a new chapter with the opening of ADA, her personal fine dining project.

Here, Ada continues to express her culinary vision through dishes that pay homage to her history, memories, and flavors linked to her childhood in Puglia and the beginnings of her career in Umbria. The menu, available both à la carte and in tasting courses, is an exploration of taste, with cooking techniques that enhance the freshness and quality of the raw materials.

The recognition with a Michelin star confirms Ada's talent, capable of creating a structured and sophisticated offering. Ada Stifani is not just a talented chef but a figure who contributes to putting Umbria in the spotlight, celebrating the beauty of a territory to be discovered.


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