Arianna Consiglio

Catania - Sicilia

Arianna Consiglio

Arianna Consiglio, an emerging chef in the Italian culinary scene, embodies the perfect harmony between gastronomic innovation and deep respect for local roots, bringing to the table a story made of flavors, passion, and creativity.


In the vibrant scenario of modern Italian cuisine, Arianna Consiglio stands out as a new voice, a talent that from Catania has projected herself onto the national horizon. Her journey begins at ALMA, the culinary school that shaped her spirit and technique, turning a burning passion into a successful profession. Her initial experiences in restaurants, a baptism by fire, confirmed that she was on the right path: the adrenaline of service and the relentless pace of the kitchen soon became sources of inspiration and growth for her.

Her rise led her to collaborate with prominent names in Michelin-starred dining, from Guido da Costigliole to Contraste, up to a formative, albeit brief, experience in the brigade of Piazza Duomo in Alba with Enrico Crippa. But it was the meeting with Matias Perdomo and Simon Press that marked a decisive turning point, entrusting her with the reins of Exit Pastificio Urbano, where Arianna had the opportunity to express her culinary vision, celebrating pasta in a contemporary key.

Arianna's cuisine is a constant dialogue between the past and the future, a balance between loyalty to roots and the boldness of innovation. Each dish is a story, a sensory journey that invites the discovery of authentic and surprising flavors, testifying to her commitment towards sustainable and conscious gastronomy. Today, Arianna is personally involved in the "gastronomic requalification" project of Rosticceria Palazzi (initiated by former Tannico partners), always under the supervision of Perdomo.


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