Federico Zanasi

Castelfranco Emilia - Emilia Romagna


Federico Zanasi, the head chef at Condividere in Turin, embodies the essence of Italian culinary innovation, bringing his unique vision to haute cuisine. With a career filled with significant experiences and prestigious accolades, Zanasi has transformed Condividere into a symbol of excellence, inclusivity, and cross-disciplinarity, under the aegis of the collaboration between Lavazza and Ferran Adrià.


Federico Zanasi is the charismatic chef at the helm of Condividere, a restaurant born from the partnership between the Lavazza family and the master of international gastronomy, Ferran Adrià. Located in the heart of Turin, Condividere stands as a meeting point between haute cuisine and accessibility, where sharing becomes the very essence of the gastronomic experience.

This vision led to the creation of a place where refinement and elegance blend in an informal and welcoming setting, inspired by famous global dining examples like Barcelona's Tickets. Zanasi's career is distinguished by a series of significant experiences alongside some of the most important names in the Italian and international culinary panorama. After gaining experience working closely with chef Moreno Cedroni for nearly a decade, Zanasi continued his professional journey by taking the lead in the kitchen of the Hotel Principe delle Nevi in Cervinia.

His skill in creating dishes that reflect a perfect balance between innovation and typicality earned him the "Best Sous Chef of the Year" award in 2011. The Condividere project was born from Bob Noto's intuition and developed thanks to the creative contribution of prominent figures like Ferran Adrià, who outlined its culinary philosophy, and Dante Ferretti, who designed the restaurant's spaces. In this context, Zanasi emerges as the conductor capable of harmonizing high-quality ingredients with avant-garde techniques, creating a menu that is a journey through authentic flavors and gastronomic innovations. Zanasi's cuisine is based on a deep study of Italian ingredients, a passion for storytelling through food, and a constant commitment to excellence.

This dedication translated into the attainment of the first Michelin star for Condividere in 2020, a milestone that underscores the quality and research offered by the restaurant. Condividere has also received accolades from the "I Cento" guide as Restaurant of the Year and from the OAD list, confirming its role as a benchmark in the gastronomic landscape. The philosophy of Condividere and Zanasi, which focuses on the accessibility of haute cuisine, reflects a "democratic" approach to gastronomy. This has not only been successful among culinary enthusiasts but has also helped redefine the concept of quality dining, making the culinary experience a moment of meeting, discovery, and shared pleasure. In conclusion, Federico Zanasi embodies the ideal of the modern chef, combining respect for roots with a constant search for innovation.

Condividere represents a turning point for Turin's gastronomic scene, offering a successful model where excellence becomes an inclusive and profoundly human experience, rooted in the pleasure of sharing.


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