Junghyun Park

Seul - Korea

Junghyun Park

Junghyun Park, also known as 'JP', is a renowned chef of South Korean origin who has made waves in the culinary scene of New York with his restaurants Atomix and Atoboy. Born and raised in Seoul, Park has successfully combined Korean culinary tradition with Western techniques, creating an innovative style of cuisine that has earned him international acclaim.


Junghyun Park's passion for cooking began in childhood, driven by a natural curiosity for culture and cuisine. After completing his studies in Food Science at Kyungehee University, Park began working in prestigious kitchens worldwide, alongside chefs like Andrew McConnell in Melbourne and Brett Graham in London, where he honed his skills in fine dining cuisine.

After working at Jungsik Dang in Seoul under the guidance of Chef Jungsik Yim, Park moved to New York to become Chef de Cuisine at Jungsik in Tribeca. In 2016, he opened his first solo project, Atoboy, followed by Atomix in 2018. Atomix, in particular, was designed to showcase Park's vision of how Korean cuisine can be interpreted in the context of fine dining.

With a combination of Korean and Western techniques, Atomix aims to provide a renewed inspiration to the gastronomic culture of New York and the world. Park continues his culinary work, paying homage to tradition and redefining contemporary and future culinary culture. In 2023, Atomix reached number 8 in the World's 50 Best Restaurants ranking, becoming the top restaurant in North America. The restaurant also holds 2 Michelin stars.


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