Ana Roš

Šempeter pri Gorici - Valle del Pivacco

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Ana Roš became a chef after pursuing completely different studies and finding love. Completely self-taught, she followed her instincts and passions and achieved great success. In 2017, she was named the Best Chef in the world by 50 Best Restaurants. Her restaurant, "Hiša Franko," earned Two MICHELIN Stars and a Green Star for sustainability.

Ana Roš was born in 1972 in Šempeter pri Gorici, a municipality located in the western part of the Pivka Valley, near the Italian border. The daughter of a country doctor and a journalist, she developed a passion for skiing at a young age and joined the Yugoslav Youth National Ski Team. Professional sports provided her with discipline, while dance fueled her creativity, showcasing her appreciation for physical expression. After finishing high school with a linguistic focus, she continued her studies, graduating in International and Diplomatic Sciences from the University of Trieste, and preparing for a diplomatic career.

Her karmic encounter occurred during her fourth year of university when her mother invited her to have lunch at "Hiša Franko," the restaurant of Valter Kramar's father, who was then working as a waiter. It wasn't just love that sparked between them: after graduation, when Ana received a job offer from Brussels, she surprised everyone by deciding not to leave, facing opposition from her parents. New desires had arisen in her heart, nurtured with her partner: together, they traveled and immersed themselves in the world of gastronomy. So, when Valter's father retired in 2002, she replaced him. Initially, she started as a waitress in the dining room, alongside her sommelier partner, attempting to persuade the chef at the time to embrace tradition, but without success. She then took her place as a self-taught chef, with the help of her mother-in-law and a few friends.

Initially, there were challenges: Ana was determined but lacked the professional equipment and didn't even know what fine dining was. She began by visiting all the restaurants in the area, which was not easy with two young children, but gradually, she started to trust her instincts, and her style began to flourish. Her horizons expanded first to the East and Africa, thanks to exotic trips with her family, and then she refocused on the territory and its excellences, such as the cheese from Tolmin, produced in the surrounding valleys. Tradition, seen as a heritage of flavors and knowledge rather than a mere repertoire, inspired a cuisine that may seem primitivist in its naturalism but remains technically sharp. The result is a forge of new tastes that astonish guests, offering a unique dining experience on the international stage. Ana's remarkable sensitivity allows her to imagine unexpected combinations and balance them boldly without losing intensity.

Recognizing her talent and dedication, she climbed the 50 Best Restaurants ranking, and in 2017 she was named the title of Best Chef in the world.

In Slovenian, "Hiša" means home, and it's more than a metaphor as the family lives right above the restaurant. The restaurant is located in a grand 19th-century country mansion in the midst of nature in Kobarid, a place historically contested between Italy and Slovenia during a significant battle. All around are forests where they forage wild herbs, and the house has its own gardens and even a basin for breeding marble trout, a species typical of the Isonzo River that was at risk of extinction. Everything here is part of the kitchen, from the wild herbs to the self-produced hay, fragrant like sacred incense.

In a country not particularly known for its gastronomic traditions, Ana's cuisine stands out for its originality and character. In the first edition of the MICHELIN Guide dedicated to Slovenia in 2020, her restaurant earned Two MICHELIN Stars in one go. And of course, it couldn't be without the Green Star, recognizing her commitment to sustainability. Working with local ingredients not only guarantees a diverse gastronomic experience but also contributes to the development of the community in a virtuous circle that strengthens the culinary creations even further.


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