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Tortellini stuffed with chicken, mustard, bagòss cheese, flaxseed | Riccardo Camanini

tortellini def

Riccardo Camanini's recipe: tortellini stuffed with hen, mustard, bagòss, flaxseed

To make pasta


  • 100 g "00" flour
  • 150 g of remilled durum wheat semolina
  • 190 g egg yolk


Make fresh pasta as usual 

To make the filling 


  • 500 g boiled and plucked chicken
  • 500 g white watermelon mustard
  • Q.b. Salt
  • Q.b. Pepper
  • Q.b. Olive oil


Drain the mustard. In food mixer with the leaf, whisk hen with mustard and season with salt, pepper, and oil.

To make the fondue


  • 200 g Bagoss chees
  • 165 ml fresh cream
  • 130 ml fresh whole milk


Blend and heat all ingredients at 70ºC for 10 minutes.

Dish composition

Plate as per the cover photo.

Photo by Lido Vannucchi

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