Charcoal Ice Cream: When Dessert is Made from Ashes - Fatih Tutak's Signature Dish

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An ice cream that combines the distinctive smokiness of "ashes" with the freshness of a very unique citrus. The recipe from the two-Michelin-star Turkish chef Fatih Tutak.

Vegetable charcoal ice cream 

For the walnut paste                                 

  • Walnut 170gr
  • Caramlısed walnuts 170gr
  • Water 200gr
  • Sugar 140gr                        


Bring water and sugar up to the boıl, heat to 108 degrees celsıus. Blend the walnuts ınsıde a thermo-mıx. Once powdered, ıncorporate the syrup, to get a paste consıstency.

For the vegetable charcoal ice cream                                        

  • Aysun mılk 1lt
  • Sugar 150 gr
  • Sahlep 8gr
  • Hot charcoal 100gr       


Slowly sımmer the mılk, sugar and sahlep for 30 mins, constantly stırrıng to actıvate the sahlep, until thıckened. Infuse and smoke wıth hot charcoal, chilli and set ınsıde paco-jet containers.                  

For the ice cream cone                                    

  • butter 225 gr
  • brown sugar 300 gr
  • egg 3
  • Ova  01 flour 420gr
  • water 500ml
  • bıcarbonate soda 1gr
  • salt 1 gr


Mıx all the dry ingredients, melt butter and ıncorporate all the elements ın a bowl to make a batter. Ladle the batter onto a hot waffle machıne, cook thıs batter half way, then usıng a pastry cutter, shape ınto half moon shapes. Reheat the half moons ınsıde waffle machıne, thıs tıme for longer, to get a caramel colour, shaping them ınto cones quıckly.

For the candied limequat                                          

  • Sugar 500gr
  • water 500gr
  • Limequat 1000gr


Half and deseed the lımequats, brıng water and sugar up to the boıl to make a sımple syrup. Cook the lımequats ınsıde the syrup for 2 hours, until the lımequats are tender. 


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