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The vegan carbonara driving Italy crazy from north to south: Eggs' twist

Carbonara che non c e

No egg or guanciale, but an enveloping seasoning just like the original carbonara! Barbara Agosti's "Non-existent Carbonara" plays with humor and solid technique, ensuring the right degree of satisfaction even for those who don't consume animal-derived products.

Eggs is an innovative brand, born in 2017 in one of the most picturesque alleys of the Capitol District. The idea behind the project comes from Chef Barbara Agosti; born and raised in Novi Ligure, a town on the border between Piedmont and Liguria and for obvious reasons influenced by both food and wine traditions, she begins to deeply love eggs and, once she moves to the Capital, she creates a brand with a menu entirely dedicated to them. Today Eggs has garnered so much acclaim that it has branched out: not only in Rome but also in Milan, with the recent opening of a second location at 35 Via Solferino (a known hotspot for foodies, already home to Dry and Zaza Ramen). However, Barbara Agosti goes beyond exploring the diverse world of eggs. From her kitchen comes a variation of the iconic carbonara, equally delicious and creamy. Which reminds us of the incredible variety of green ingredients and combinations to play within the kitchen.

Non-existent Carbonara

Ingredients for 4 people

For the pasta

  • 500 g of ready-made curry tonnarelli

Or, to make them at home:

  • 350 g of 00 flour
  • Water, as needed
  • Curry powder, as needed


Knead the tonnarelli using the classic method.

Start by combining flour, water, and a little salt to taste in a bowl. Mix the dough with a spoon and then use your hands until you get a smooth and soft dough. Finally, wrap it in plastic film for 30 minutes.

Place the dough on a work surface and cut out the tonnarelli.

For the seasoning

  • 1 kg of yellow cherry tomatoes
  • 100 g of pine nuts
  • 200 g of "vegetable" chicken (e.g., Planted)


To recreate the egg, make the yellow tomato sauce: wash the yellow cherry tomatoes and cook them in a little oil, then blend them and pass them through a sieve to obtain a smooth and clear sauce.

To recreate the pecorino - powder - toast the pine nuts, and once cooled, grind them into coarse powder.

To replace the guanciale, you can use vegetable chicken from a brand like Planted, made with pea protein, first drying it in the oven and then sautéing it in hot oil and pepper to recreate the crispy part.

Once the pasta is cooked, season it with the indicated ingredients: at first glance, it will look like a real carbonara! Obviously, the taste will be that of exquisite spiced pasta.


Eggs Milan

via Solferino 35, phone 0209972435

Open daily from 11 am to 3 pm and from 7 pm to 12 am.

Eggs Rome

Via Natale del Grande 52

P. +39 065817281


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