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Rolls yes, but 100% vegan: the recipe for Marzia Riva's stuffed cabbage sphere

copertina sfera di verza

No meat, no fish, but a symphony of plant-based ingredients and consistencies: Marzia Riva's stuffed cabbage spheres are the cross-cutting dish that cannot be missed on the table.



For the blanched cabbage

  • 580 g cleaned cabbage


Sbianchire le foglie esterne di verza per 1 minuto in acqua bollente salata, poi trasferire in acqua ghiacciata.

For the edamame hummus

  • 200g of frozen edamame
  • 10g of horseradish/wasabi powder
  • 25g of extra virgin olive oil
  • Water


Blanch the edamame beans for 1 minute in salted boiling water and then plunge into ice water; drain and transfer to a graduated cylinder; season with extra virgin olive oil, horseradish powder, and a pinch of salt; blend with an immersion blender until smooth and homogeneous; add water as needed.

For the marinated cabbage

  • 200g of edamame hummus
  • 110g of mustard
  • 10g of salt
  • 1.5g of Sichuan pepper
  • Pressed garlic to taste
  • Lemon juice to taste 


Chiffonade the cabbage and massage with salt. Let it rest for 30 minutes; add mustard, pressed garlic, lemon juice, Sichuan pepper, and edamame hummus.

For the beer vinegar beet sauce

  • 500g of steamed and cleaned beetroot
  • 25g of gao oil
  • 30g of San Giacomo beer vinegar
  • Salt to taste


Cut the steamed beetroot into chunks and transfer to a graduated cylinder; blend with an immersion blender until smooth; strain through a fine mesh chinois, season with salt and oil.

For the marinated stuffed cabbage sphere

  • Outer cabbage leaves (25)

  • 500g of beetroot sauce with beer vinegar          


Remove the central stem from the cabbage leaf and make small incisions along the outer edges; stuff each leaf with a portion of the mixture and close with the outer cabbage leaf; trim any excess parts; roll tightly in plastic wrap; transfer the spheres to a negative chiller at -18°C for 30 minutes.


Place a spoonful of beetroot sauce at the base of the plate; unwrap the cabbage sphere from the plastic wrap, drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil; serve at room temperature.


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