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Julien Alvarez

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Julien Alvarez

Julien Alvarez, 2011 World Pastry Champion and Best Pastry Hope 2014, is a renowned French pastry chef. He has worked with the finest masters, led dessert for prestigious establishments such as the Peninsula Hotel, and is currently the Executive Pastry Chef for Maison Laduree.

Julien Alvarez

Julien Alvarez is a leading figure in the world of pastry. Originally from the city of Bergerac, in Dordogne, Alvarez has always shown an extraordinary passion for the sweet arts, leading him towards a career of international success and recognition.

His professional journey is enriched by significant experiences and educational encounters. Among the masters who have contributed to his professional growth are Carles Mampel, Philippe Conticini, Angelo Musa, and Jean Michel Perruchon, all key figures in the global pastry scene.

Alvarez's consecration came in 2011, when he won the prestigious title of World Pastry Champion. But his rise didn't stop there: in 2014, the chef claimed the title of "Best Pastry Hope" awarded by Relais Dessert, an accolade affirming the high regard that the pastry world has for him.

In the same year, Alvarez received an offer he couldn't refuse: to join the team at the Peninsula Hotel, to take charge of the entire section dedicated to desserts. Here, Alvarez had the opportunity to fully express his creativity and mastery, further honing his skills.

After leaving an indelible mark at the Peninsula and Café Pouchkine, the chef moved to Le Bristol. There, he shared the kitchen with Michelin-starred chef Eric Frechon, a marriage of talents that further enriched his professional experience.

Today, Julien Alvarez serves as the Executive Pastry Chef for Maison Laduree, where he continues to enchant with his pastry creations, staying true to his philosophy of combining innovation and tradition, in a constant balance that delights both the palate and the eye.


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