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Offenburg - Germania

Christian Bau

Christian Bau, chef of Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau in Perl-Nennig, Germany, is a master of contemporary cuisine, known for his skill in blending classic French cooking with Japanese influences. His culinary philosophy, centered on passion and excellence, has made him one of the few chefs in the world to be awarded three Michelin stars.


Born on January 14, 1971, in Offenburg, Germany, Christian Bau began his culinary journey with classical training, working in some of the most prestigious restaurants in Germany, including the Hotel-Restaurant Talmühle and the legendary Schwarzwaldstube with Harald Wohlfahrt.

In 1998, Bau took the helm of Victor’s Fine Dining, previously known as Victor’s Gourmet-Restaurant Schloss Berg, transforming it into a beacon of global gastronomy. Bau’s cuisine is a tribute to precision, innovation, and depth of flavor. His travels in Asia have enriched his repertoire, allowing him to create dishes that are a dialogue between culinary cultures.

His signature, the "Bau style," is a celebration of haute French cuisine enriched with Japanese products and techniques, a synthesis of harmonious contrasts and bold flavors. In addition to three Michelin stars, Bau has received numerous accolades, including the title of "Koch des Jahres" (Chef of the Year) from Gault Millau and the prestigious Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit) from Germany for his contributions as an ambassador of German culinary culture.

In 2019, he was named Ehrenbotschafter der japanischen Küche (Honorary Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine), recognizing his pioneering role in uniting the culinary traditions of France and Japan.


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